Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is the third part of JJAA, it's a retelling of the original Stardust Crusaders, obviously.


This part follows Jocelyn Joestar, daughter of Jonathan (JJAA) and Rita Fort, who must travel around the world to save her mom from her own Stand by killing Armani Brando, Diego's son who lives in Russia, who has the only cure to save Rita.


Name Stand Role
Jocelyn Joestar Helter Skelter Main Protagonist
Jonathan Joestar Rebel Rebel Ally
Nena Speedwagon Paranoid Android Ally
Franz von Stroheim DICE Ally
Rita Fort Joestar Unnamed Stand Ally
Schism Anthrax Tool Villain
Ungalo Brando Bohemian Rhapsody Villain
TBA TBA Villain
Alex McCartney Black Eyed Peas Temporary Ally
Alec Zander The Kinks Villain
Mr. Crowley Baba O'Riley Villain
Diego II Here Comes the Sun Villain
Biffy Clyro Simply Red Villain
William Brock Little Motel Neutral
Ivan Brock King Rat Villain
TBA TBA Villain
Karn Brando Seven Seas of Rhye Villain
Armani Brando Holy Diver Main Antagonist