Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Battle Tendency is the second part of JJAA, it is the retelling of the canon Part II. Much like with the first JJAA part, it has a couple of changes.


50 years after the death of Jorge Joestar, his grandson, Johnathan, gains a Stand from an arrow Diego made with a shard from the stone mask and must fight off the Rock Humans, supposed guardians of the stone masks who recently discovered about Diego and the stolen mask and that live in Australia, Spain and England and drifted over to the USA and are now looking for the mystical stone of Aja.


Name Stand Role
(Alt.) Johnathan Joestar Rebel Rebel Main Protagonist
Jenn Jett Killing Joke Ally
Robert Dylan Zeppeli Outkast Ally
Amina Speedwagon Velvet Underground Ally
??? ??? ???
Papa Roach Angels and Insects Villain
Pietro Venozzo Iron Butterfly Villain
"Biggie" Slipknot Villain
Mark "T-Rex" Finn T-Rex Villain
??? ??? ???
Louie Louie Kingsmen Villain
Heruzu Thunderstruck Villain
Beruzu TNT Villain
Dean Napalm Pantera Main Antagonist
(Undead) Diego Brando The World Main Antagonist