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JoJo's Bizarre Fanon: Multiversal Clash is a fighting game created by VaporKay (idea inspired by ZZ's Wheel Of Fortune2) but developed by many fanon creators. The main plot involves characters from different universes, from The Last Stand to Stitching The Universe, coming together for a major stand user tournament. However, not everything is as it seems...


TBA (after discussing with the other collaborators)


There are many different characters from many different universes in Multiversal Clash.

Name Stand/ability Universe
Travis Brice Walk This Way Stitching The Universe
Rusty Gohun Kefuma/Rage Flow Stitching The Universe
Carter Smith Breaking Through/Rage Flow Stitching The Universe
Caeser Antonio “Anty” Zeppeli Hamon/Fortunate Son Steel Ball Run
Roman Kishibe Blueberry Eyes The Last Stand
Andrew James Black Air Raid Vehicle The Last Stand
Josephine Joestar Sweet Six Shooter The Duality of Stand
Kaarter Roux Hamon/Love Grenade Life After Dark
Adrian "Gyro" Zeppeli Prince/Spin/Hamon Collision
Jonah Joestar Downer/Spin/Synchro Collision
ZZ Two Last Stand/Stone Crow Collision
Jolly Jolokia Golden Aries JoJo's Bizarre Odyssey
Fateh Ali Khan Canopic Jar JoJo's Bizarre Odyssey

(Stitching The Universe belongs to VaporKay and Grainmatter)

(The Last Stand belongs to ZZ's Wheel Of Fortune2)

(The Duality Of Stand and Life After Dark belong to Th3Gr8DrX)

(Collision belongs to DRCx)

(JoJo's Bizarre Odyssey belongs to YuveYu)


(Key: If theres an S in front of an attack that means its the special, if theres an A that means its an Aerial)

Travis Brice and Walk This Way

Neutral: "YAMERU!": Walk This Way throws a few strong punches.

Up: "Not This Time.": Travis falls on his back and does a kipup, kicking anyone in the way.

Down: "Shut The Fuck Up!": Travis pulls his head back and then slams it forward, headbutting the opponent.

Side: "YAMERURURURU!": Walk This Way barrages in whatever direction Travis is facing. The final blow of the barrage will always cause massive knockback.

SNeutral: "Walk This Way!": Walk This Way throws an inversion punch. Upon contact, the opponent's inputs are reversed

SUp: "Ricochet!/Extra Reach!": Travis summons Walk This Way and depending on where Travis is on the stage, the move changes. If he's on the ground, Walk This Way kicks off the ground, launching Travis high into the air. If Travis is already in the air, Walk This Way reaches towards the closest grabbable object, whether it be a ledge or another player and pulls itself up on it. If they grab onto a player, the player gets pulled down towards where Travis was while Travis gets pulled up to where the player was.

SDown: "Be The Better Person.": Travis extends his hand towards the opponent, going for a handshake, which acts as a grab. If connected, Travis gives them a handshake, but then immediately summons Walk This Way, who grabs the targets shoulder. Working together, Travis and Walk This Way flip the target over Travis' shoulder onto their back.

SSide: "I'm Just Asking.": Travis calls upon someone, either Carter or Rusty, for help. If the call for Carter is successful (uninterrupted by an enemy), Breaking Through appears in front of Travis and shoots one of three gases based on range. 1. Nitrogen Trichloride-Long Range: Explodes either on contact or after a few seconds. 2. Hydrogen Fluoride-Medium Range: Causes temporary blindness (10 seconds of a warbled screen) upon contact. 3. Pure Oxygen Jetstream-Close Range: Breaking Through shoots through the opponent, causing the bleed debuff. If the call for Rusty is successful (uninterrupted by an enemy), Kefuma appears and forms a floating block above Travis, acting as a platform or shield.





Ultimate: "Hontō ni dekiru to omotteta no ka? (Did you really think you could do this?)":

Team Ultimate with Rusty: "Haven't you realized it yet? You're entirely fucked!": Rusty summons Kefuma and forms a spiked wall behind the target. Travis walks up and begins barraging it. During the barrage, one of the punches inverts the opponents nervous system. The wall disappears as Rusty walks up to Travis. They crack their knuckles and Travis says, "Kore o yoimono ni shimashou! (Let's make this a good one!)" and Rusty replies with, "¡La venganza es dulce! (Revenge is sweet)". They both barrage the opponent for a while until Rusty makes the floor behind the target covered in spikes and Travis reverts their nervous system and sends them backward.

Rusty Gohun and Kefuma

Special Ability: "YOU BASTARD!": If Rusty's teammate dies in battle, he immediately enters Stage 1 of Rage Flow. If the teammate is Travis or Carter, he enters Stage 2 of Rage Flow, teetering on Stage 3.

Neutral: "MIERDA!": Rusty throws a few punches with his arm covered with Kefuma's solidified smoke.

Up: "Smoke Break.": Rusty takes a hit from his vape. He blows the smoke straight up, causing a haze to form around his head. This causes blindness to him and anyone around him. If the smoke flows over to someone else, he can use the Up ability again which solidifies the smoke.

Down: "That's Fucking It!": Rusty enrages himself, bringing him to stage 1 of Rage Flow. This ability takes 2 minutes to cooldown and causes constant damage to Rusty since his anger didn't come on naturally.

Side: "¡VETE A LA MIERDA!": Rusty grabs the opponents face and forces Kefuma's smoke into their lungs, causing the choking effect for the next 15 seconds. If he does it again within the 15 second window, it causes the severe choking effect.

SNeutral: "I Can Turn This Smoke Into Anything!": Rusty summons Kefuma, ready to transform into anything. The next button input will cause Kefuma to form into a different object. Neutral: Kefuma turns into a solid block of smoke, trapping anything small inside. If neutral is pressed again, the block will grow spikes, dealing piercing damage on contact. Up: Kefuma turns into a platform, similar to what Travis does for his SUp. Down: Kefuma forms into a sledgehammer which Rusty can use for 30 seconds before it disappears. Side: Kefuma turns into a suit of armor which Rusty can wear for 20 seconds or until enough damage is dealt to disperse it. If the latter occurs, Rusty is then stunned for 5 seconds.

SUp: "Don't You Know Smoke Rises?": Rusty summons Kefuma and uses some of its smoke as a hoverboard, standing on top of it as the smoke rises diagonally. Rusty can jump off at any time, then this move becomes a projectile.

SDown: "Keep Your Wits About You.": Rusty summons Kefuma in front of him. This move lasts 5 seconds and acts as a counter. Anyone who hits Rusty withing the 5 second timeframe is covered with Kefuma as armor, similar to Rusty's SNeutral just on the opponent. While this might seem good, after a few seconds Kefuma constricts completely around the target, squeezing them hard. Kefuma disappears as the opponent is dropped to the ground

SSide: "Stanley Fucking Hudson.": Rusty's eyes turn orange as Kefuma's coils burn. He temporarily enters stage 2 of Rage Flow while he charges his attack. If even one of the initial 3 punches manage to connect, he does a long barrage while hurling insults to the target. He finishes it off with a punch straight to the opponents jaw as he says "FUCK YOU STANLEY!"






Team Ultimate with Carter: "This Is What Happens When You Piss Us Off!": Carter summons Breaking Through and shoot a mixture of Nitrogen and Chlorine forward, combining into Nitrogen Trichloride. At the same time, Rusty launches a block of smoke in the same direction, trapping Carter's Nitrogen Trichloride inside. Rusty solidifies the block as it launches towards the enemy hitting them square in the face. Carter wastes no time and rushes in, coating the enemy with Hydrogen while Rusty beats the target up with Kefuma. Rusty and Carter jump back as Carter yells, "¡Esquiva esto, gilipollas! (Dodge this, Asshole!)". Carter then pulls out his knife and throws it at the ground next to the opponent, causing the hydrogen to ignite, setting them on fire. As the sparks fly, Rusty unsolidifies the block of smoke and a few sparks hit the nitrogen trichloride, causing a massive explosion that sends the opponent flying forwards. Breaking Through sticks its middle finger out and shoots the opponent in the head with a pure stream of oxygen, knocking them backwards as Carter and Rusty say "Lárgate de aquí. (Get the fuck out of here.)".

Caesar "Anty" Zeppeli and Fortunate Son

Neutral: "Fortunate Son, Act 1!": Fortunate Son overlays on Caesar and strikes forward.

Up: "OUT OF MY WAY!": Caesar uppercuts and kicks aside a the target.

Down: "You sure are annoying.": Caesar strikes a pose and if he is hit in this period fortunate son will make the attack glide upward and Caesar will gut check the opponent.

Side: "DIE ALREADY!": Caesars punches several times with the duration of the barrage lasting longer if you hold down the key longer.

ANeutral: OW MY HIP! Caesar kicks downwards and smashes the target to the ground.

AUp: Hamon fling! Caesar grabs downward and then flings the target upwards if they are successfully grabbed while pushing dangerous amounts of Hamon through their body.

ADown: WOOOHOO! Caesar twirls in a circle.

ASide: You bore me. Die Caesar punches forward several times.

SNeutral: Try to breath now bitch Caesar sucks in air and fires it out in a compressed blast with Hamon in the vacuum

SUp: "Hamon charge!": Caesar charges his Hamon for ten seconds. When your Hamon bar is full you permanently activate Hamon overdrive. When Hamon overdrive is active you no longer need to charge Hamon.

SDown: "Hamon breaker": Caesar punches the floor five times making a shockwave with a one stud range.

SSide: "THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATTACK!": Caesar uses the ultimate Hamon move, THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATTACK

Ultimate: How... unfortunate. Caesar summons fortunate son act 2 and barrages forward. He does a short 3-page barrage and then pounds the enemy through the ground down around 4 feet. He then uses gravity to impale them on Fortunate Son's hand and cracks their backs on his stands knee.

Roman Kishibe and Blueberry Eyes

Passive Ability: "This Guy... He Really Annoys Me..." Characters who are hit by an attack from Roman, or who hit him with an attack, have a small chance (5%) to become enraged for ten seconds. If Roman hits them with an attack in this time, the duration is refreshed.

Neutral: "Dabadee Daba-die!" Roman pulls out a can of blue spray paint and sprays it in the direction he's facing. Holding down the button longer than 0.5 seconds decreases the damage whilst increasing the range and changing the shade of blue, up to a maximum of three seconds. If Roman takes damage from certain piercing, slashing, or burning attacks, the canister explodes, dealing very heavy damage to him and everyone nearby him.

Up: "Listen up!" Roman takes out his phone and takes a picture. The flash lightly damages opponents in a cone above Roman, as well as inflicting a visual distortion on their screen for about five seconds.

Down: "I'm blue!" Roman assumes a defensive posture for two seconds. If he is hit by any melee attacks in this time, he counters and flips them onto their back for a small amount of damage, stunning them for a few seconds. This does not counter projectiles or ultimates.

Side: "I'm sick of this!" Roman throws a straight punch forwards, or twists and backhands the opponent if the button input opposes his current direction. This deals small damage and knockback, but is very fast and can be spammed.

ANeutral: "You can't touch this!" Roman uses a barrier ability to surround himself in a shield for two seconds. If any melee attacks hit the shield, it electrifies them, dealing damage and stunning them. It also reflects projectiles.

AUp: "Hell no! I'm not using that ability!" Roman reluctantly buys a charge of My Way Anyway and teleports in the direction the up button was pressed. He has generous I-frames during this.

ADown: "Sorry to drop in!" Roman uses a charge of Fall Off Boy to drop his legs onto the target, dealing light damage, before falling back down and reconnecting with his legs.

ASide: "Fire!" Roman shoots a blue fireball from his phone camera, dealing damage and inflicting burn to anyone who touches it.

SNeutral: "No one knows what it's like..." Roman takes a selfie, removing all abilities gained from other specials from himself. He has brief I-frames during this.

SUp: "Say cheese!" Roman takes a picture up, copying the up special of anyone caught in the area of effect. The next time he uses this ability, it will be that ability.

SDown: "Say cheese!" Roman takes a picture diagonally down, copying the down special of anyone caught in the area of effect. The next time he uses this ability, it will be that ability.

SSide: "Say cheese!" Roman takes a picture in the direction he is facing, copying the side special of anyone caught in the area of effect. The next time he uses this ability, it will be that ability.

*Special: Every time Roman uses a copied ability, he loses 5 credits. Whenever Roman damages someone, he regains 2.5 credits, and killing someone restores him to his max of 100. If Roman has less than 5 credits, he cannot use specials other than his neutral.

Ultimate: "Phone A Frenemy" Roman lunges forwards, grabbing the first enemy he encounters in a certain range. Then, a cutscene plays in which all of Roman's major enemies (Rory, Josephine, AJ, Dalia, Downcast Days, and Mirai Mirror) all attempt to attack Roman, and when the cutscene is played, it is revealed that Roman swapped the faces of himself and his enemy. This ultimate deals massive damage, and inflicts poison, burn, bleed, confused, and visual distortion to the opponent affected by it.

*Special: If Roman is attacking one of the people who is shown in the cutscene, it deals substantially more damage due to the rule that two copies of someone from different universes cannot coexist.

Andrew James Black and Air Raid Vehicle

Passive: AJ has a sprite for ARV at all times following him. Any damage done to it deals 1.5 times that damage to him, unless he already took damage from the same attack.. He can control it directly with his special moves.

Neutral: "You have truly and genuinely angered me." AJ sets up a counter which lasts for three seconds; If anyone even comes near him in this time, he hits them with his strongest ARV enhanced punch, dealing heavy damage and inflicted the stunned condition.

Up: "Ladies and gentlemen!" AJ throws his hands up before firing a ball of poison out of them. This travels straight up in a line, and inflicts the poisoned condition on anyone who it touches.

Down: "You can't run away from me!" AJ uses ARV to control an old vine or root in the ground, ripping it up in a wave with bad vertical but good horizontal range.

Side: "Move in, now move out!" AJ pulls out a pistol and fires it forwards, dealing medium damage.

ANeutral: WIP

AUp: "I didn't know I could do that..." AJ summons a pair of red demonic wings with ARV, dealing small damage to him and giving him a significant altitude boost.

ADown: WIP

ASide: WIP

SNeutral: "Back up, back up!" AJ assumes direct control of ARV, allowing him to move and use the alternate ARV specials. Using this again restores his regular motion controls. Using any regular or aerial inflicts a random negative status effect on the nearest enemy to ARV while this is active, which cannot be used again until the old effect wears off.

SUp: "Throw your hands up!" Air Raid Vehicle undoes some cellular damage from AJ, healing him a small amount. If used on an opponent while ARV is being directly controlled, it instead rapidly grows bone spikes from an opponents back straight up into the air, dealing damage and inflicting bleed to them and anyone hit by them.

SDown: "Break stuff!" Air Raid Vehicle increases AJ's muscle mass at the cost of his bone density, increasing both the damage he takes and gives by 50% for ten seconds. If used on an opponent while ARV is being directly controlled, he transforms his opponent into a monstrous form and makes them lunge forwards, dealing damage to both them and anyone they encounter in their path.

SSide: "This is easier than taking organs from... well, anyone." (WIP)

Josephine Joestar and Sweet Six Shooter

Neutral: "ORA!!!": Sweet Six Shooter throws a single fast, strong punch.

Up: "Where do you think you're going?": Sweet Six Shooter launches an uppercut while jumping a short distance upward. Decent vertical range, lacking in horizontal range.

Down: "FUCK!!": Sweet Six Shooter pounds its fist on the ground, creating a shockwave with good horizontal range but abysmal vertical range.

Side: "ORAORAORAORAORA!!!!": Sweet Six Shooter launches a full-on Ora Ora rush, dealing good damage and resulting in substantial knockback.

SNeutral: "Ready, Aim...": Josephine switches which Shot is first in Line to be fired, sending the current first one to the back of the queue.

SUp: "I'm going home.": Josephine performs a Stand leap in conjunction with Sweet Six Shooter, giving her a good deal of height. Has low endlag, making it ideal for aerial follow-up attacks.

SDown: "What's a little pain?": Josephine cuts herself with a black knife, doing a bit of damage to herself but also turning her next Shot into Shot No. 1.

SSide: "FIRE!!": Fires the current Shot in first position. The remaining Shots all shift up one position.

ANeutral: Josephine throws a punch forward while Sweet Six Shooter throws a punch backward. Sweet Six Shooter's punch is obviously a lot stronger but also considerably harder to hit.

AUp: Sweet Six Shooter does a midair backflip, kicking upward as it does.

ADown: Sweet Six Shooter roughly stomps downward midair.

ASide: The first Shot in the queue gets launched diagonally downward and ahead.

Ultimate: "My Stand... does... NOTHING!!!": Gonna hold off on this on for now... spoilers, you get it.

Team Ultimate: "Haven't decided on this yet":

*Special: If Josephine is affected by the Bleeding status condition, all of her Shots become Shot No. 1.

  • Shot No. 1: explodes on contact with the floor or the opponent, dealing substantial damage if it hits
  • Shot No. 2: faster than the other Shots
  • Shot No. 3: bounces off of any edge of a screen at a supplementary angle
  • Shot No. 4: flies a short distance and then hovers in place for a short time
  • Shot No. 5: if it hits an opponent or the floor, it breaks and does very little damage, but if it successfully makes it to the edge of the screen, it flies into the background and starts flying around, giving Josephine and her Shots a speed boost while slowing down the opponent
  • Shot No. 6: upon hitting the floor or an opponent, it bursts open and releases a violet smokescreen, obscuring a part of the screen

Kaarter Roux and Love Grenade

Neutral: "Uh... take this!": Kaarter launches a Hamon-infused punch.

Up: "Surprise!": Love Grenade appears, and places a Love Mark on the ground directly in front of itself. If the button is held, the attack goes off immediately, otherwise, it remains in place for Kaarter to activate again later with the same input. Goes high but covers little horizontal distance.

Down: "I've got you now!": Love Grenade appears, and places a Love Mark on the ground a decent distance in front of itself. If the attack is input again, the Mark detonates and an explosion is generated.

Side: "URURURURURU!! URUSAI!!!": Love Grenade appears and unleashes an Urusai rush. It's more or less the same as Josephine's version of this attack

SNeutral: "Ol' faithful!/God... DAMMIT!!": For his neutral special, he wields a gun. Kaarter pulls out a gun and fires a bullet forward. There is a one in eight chance that the gun will not be loaded and therefore won't shoot, resulting in Kaarter instead opting to charge it with Hamon and then throw it, dealing more damage and knockback but with less range. Don't worry, he has plenty.

SUp: "This is one way to do it...": A Love Mark that was definitely always there the whole time, trust me, detonates under Kaarter's feet, launching him upward and damaging himself and those near him. He takes less damage than his opponents from this attack.

SDown: "How's this for a trick?": Kaarter uses Hamon to grow a bed of flowers around him. If an opponent steps on these flowers, they become ensnared, drastically decreasing their movement and jump height. If anyone is within the flowers at the time of their creation, they are healed a small amount, with Kaarter healing more than anyone else. If used in the air, it becomes a Hamon-charged downward kick delivered by Love Grenade, which has a very powerful spike hitbox.

SSide: "Overdrive!": Love Grenade appears and gets charged with Hamon, launching a couple of punches. Does a lot of damage, but for the next five seconds, this move can't be used, and the side attack, downward special, and upward aerial are weaker.

ANeutral: "Supercharged!": Kaarter charges his body with Hamon, essentially turning himself into a hitbox that deals numerous small flinching hits for a short while (think Mewtwo/Pikachu NAir in SSBU)

AUp: "Yeah! Take that!": Love Grenade appears and throws a midair uppercut.

ADown: "Look out below!": Love Grenade appears and drops a Love Mark straight down, exploding on contact with the ground or an opponent.

ASide: "Locked and loaded!": Kaarter shoots his gun straight ahead.

Ultimate: "My patience is wearing thin! Die!!!": Kaarter charges himself with Hamon and Love grenade appears, and the two charge forward, unleashing a tandem punch rush attack, leaving the opponent stunned.

Adrian Zeppeli and Prince

Neutral: "Hah!": Adrian throws a violent backhand

Up: "Up high!": Adrian fires a steel disc upwards.

Down: "Down low!": Adrian drops to the floor, giving invincibility frames. (if chained with UP): Adrian rolls between their legs and Prince punches their crotch.

Side: "Too Slow!": Prince fires a laser pellet. (if chained with DOWN & UP): Prince fires a laser pellet then (if in reach of opponent) kicks them to the edge of the stage.

SNeutral: "Hamon & Spin!": Adrian punches with hamon, locking on a target. If you chain another hit, then spin energy is channeled into the next hit. If you chain once more, Adrian claps his hands and it knocks back the target.

SUp: "Reverse-":

SDown: "Lmao": Prince fires 2 laser pellets downward, or Adrian grabs their head and slams it into the floor.

SSide: "Nope":





Ultimate: "Words cannot express how much I want it all back... that being said... enjoy your all expenses paid vacation to hell. PRINCE!"

Jolly Jolokia and Golden Aries

Jolly is one of the more tactical characters in the game.

Passive: "Try me.":

Neutral: "Vah! Vah! Vah! SCREEEE! ": Jolly summons Golden Aries and pulls out a bowie knife simultaneously, coating the latter in extremely dense clouds created by the former. Jolly then slashes 3 times in succession before finishing off with a talon scratch from Golden Aries.

Up: "...":

Down: "...":

Side: "Get screwed!":

SNeutral: "Jwala!":


SDown: "Idiot!": Jolly sets up a counter, hunching over in a defensive stance and gaining a grayish-white aura. When an attack hits him in this state, he will "poof" into clouds until, half a second later, he will backpedal from out of the mass clouds, having used a double constructed of clouds to take the attack for him. The attacker will subsequently be stunned out of confusion.








Currently there are 4 stages available in Multiversal Clash.

The Bizarrcade

The main stage of Travis and Rusty. This stage is a walk off with no ledges except for the floating platforms around the stage. STAGE HAZARD: At certain points in the match, Press Start's entrance appears randomly in the background. If the up button is pressed while in front of it, the player will be brought to Press Start's room, disappearing from the stage for 10 seconds. During this 10 seconds, the player can spam press the regular neutral button (think of it as the A button) to heal themselves with the maximum health regen set at half their current HP (very hard to do, must be an incredibly fast button presser).

Kishibe Manor

Main stage for Roman Kishibe. There are no edges to walk off of, although if you go too far to one side you will die. There is a table in the center of the room that is slightly raised above the ground. STAGE HAZARD: Every forty five seconds, two invisible portals open up in the match. Touching one instantly transports you to the other. These portals last for five seconds and tend to spawn nearby players.

Rockefeller Street

A standard stage comparable to Super Smash Bros.' Final Destination. STAGE HAZARD: Either one, two, seven, or three floating disks rise up from the ground and function as floating platforms, with 30%, 30%, 10%, and 30% odds, respectively.

Baxter Drive

Another standard stage similar to Final Destination. A large floating stage with two floating platforms that extend to the outer stage edges. STAGE HAZARD: At times, the main stage will just drop into the blast zone, leaving just the two floating platforms, causing anyone on it to fall with it. You can recover from the fall if you're fast enough.


Assist Characters work like a mix of stage hazards from Eyes of Heaven and assist trophies from Super Smash Bros. Boxes will spawn all around the stage, containing different status boosts and such. In theses boxes, theres a chance a random assist character will pop out instead, doing whatever it is that they do but leaving the person who broke the box alone.

Matthew Moore, Hit The Road: Stitching The Universe

As soon as he's spawned, he smirks and goes into hiding somewhere on the map. While he's hiding, Hit The Road goes roaming around the stage, grabbing anyone in its path and pulling them into the ground. If Matthew is found before he despawns, he jumps off the stage to save himself from another embarrassing defeat.

Mr. Kennedy, One More Time: Stitching The Universe

As soon as he's spawned, a minute long timer appears at the top of the screen. Everything continues as normal until the timer reaches 0. At that point, One More Time will rewind the match one minute, leaving the opponent damaged but healing the player who spawned him of half the damage they received within the minute timer. After this, he simply disappears.

Leo Brando, Witch Wolf Blood: The Last Stand

When Leo is spawned, he takes a moment to chant an incantation in Latin, (praevaricator clepsydris metiuntur) and time slows down to 50% of normal for ten seconds. This applies to every player, including the one who spawned Leo. This is intended to allow people to time things better, such as combos or other things that require fast and precise button inputs. Leo despawns once this effect ends.

Jodh Joshi, Golden Aries: JoJo's Bizarre Odyssey

When Jodh is spawned, he will use Golden Aries to craft a variety of platforms made from clouds. The player who spawned him can walk on these platforms

Status Effects

Status effects are the consequences of specific moves. Almost every character is able to impart some sort of status effect onto a target or themselves, and some characters boast of possessing their own exclusive status effect.


Caused by fire-based attacks, such as Jolly's matchstick combos. It deals exponential damage each second, however it only lasts 5 seconds. Additionally, multiple burn effects can be stacked to deal double, triple, or even quadruple damage depending on the number of these stacks. This effect can be removed via water.


Caused by any piercing attacks, this includes Carter's Pure Oxygen Jetstream and Caesar's ultimate.


Caused by certain toxic attacks, such as Dalia's sugar roses. It deals half the damage of burn, but it lasts twice as long.


This effect causes the opponent to become violently angry. The character automatically locks onto whoever caused this effect and goes after them. Sometimes the character will do things without the player inputing anything. This effect changes however when its brought onto Rusty or Carter. Being masters of Rage Flow, they're able to control their anger and use Rage Flow how they please. They are also the only characters able to inflict the Enraged effect on themselves.


Caused by especially heavy or incapacitating attacks, this effect renders the affected character unable to move or attack as an animation of the character holding their head and stumbling around plays.


This effect is caused by Kefuma's smoke or being around someone who has the burn effect. The effect causes the player to slow down and even stop sometimes to cough a lot. If severe choking is induced, via having the burn effect yours and being around someone who has the same burn or a stage 3 Rage Flow Kefuma, the player completely stops moving and takes constant damage until the fire is extinguished or until Kefuma leaves.



There are a variety of items that can be found in, picked up, and interacted with across all stages. Ranging from painkillers to vehicles to weapons, these items tend to aid the character in some unique way that their moveset cannot, and most items can only be used a limited number of times.


A bottle of painkillers. The player can pick these up and use them once to heal a small portion of their health.


A belt of 5 grenades. The player can pick this up, replacing their Side by tossing a grenade in front of them. The grenade is set to explode after 3 seconds, regardless of whether it hits a target or not. Additionally, the thrower can be hurt by their own grenade. Certain Stands may have be able to replace their SSide with a grenade-augmented super move that will use up the entire belt:

  • Jolly Jolokia and Golden Aries - Creates a miniature bed made of clouds for each of the 5 grenades and sends each "loaded" cloud off in a 90-degree spread in front of Jolly while slowly homing towards the target. The floating grenades will either hit the someone and explode or explode after 5 seconds regardless of whether it has hit anyone or not. The explosions are capable of harming Jolly as well.


A 70's-style chopper. Rather than picking it up as a player would typically do with an item, the player will instead ride it for 10 seconds before hopping off and letting the motorcycle careen off and explode in front of them. While on a motorcycle, the player is unable to use any attacks and moves automatically, but ramming into a target will deal massive damage. Additionally, certain attack-heavy characters can punch the motorcycle and hurl it like an explosive projectile without needing to ride it.

Canopic Jar's Jars

Liquid Concrete Boxes

A small black box that works as a trap and a summon for Hit The Road. Once thrown, the liquid concrete splatters across a small area of the stage. If anyone steps into this, Hit The Road jumps out of the puddle and pulls the target into the puddle, doing damage and then launching them out. If they get dragged in at high enough damage, instead of being launched out, they simply die within the puddle (think Zelda's Final Smash in SSBU).


In Multiversal Clash, settings are controlled by talking to various NPC's in the home base, which takes the form of Owl City. The NPCs and what they allow you to do are as follows:

  • Madeline Happenstance: Lets you unlock new stands in exchange for currency
  • Mindy Allen: Allows you to play various minigames for currency. Her screen appears as her stand, Press Start, a massive arcade with giant arcade cabinets and a few minifridges in the background. Whenever the player selects a game, the screen shifts over to a group of arcade cabinets, with some that read "OUT OF ORDER" meaning that they can be unlocked via other methods (unlockables, DLC etc.) The available starting games are Arena Clash and Rusty's Wild Adventure.
  • Fateh Ali Khan: Allows you to purchase DLC such as character skins, menu themes, and stages with real money. His screen appears to be a shady roadside stall in an alley, and his wares are jars containing different content, with each jar having the name of the DLC pack scrawled on it. When the player previews DLC, he takes its respective jar and slips open the lid a little bit to show an in-detail holographic picture of the content (e.g. a character model with the new skin or a diorama of the new stage). When the player purchases the DLC, he will summon Canopic Jar fully to open the jar and present the newly purchased content to the player.


  • The phone conversation between Rusty and Travis or Carter and Travis are audible and have 3 voicelines per person.