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I won't cry for you. Because when you're gone, I'll still be Bloody Mary.

—Jayden Joel

Jayden Joel is the Deuteragonist, originally featured as a major antagonist of Inspiration's Hold, a collab between Th3Gr8DrX and ZZ's Wheel Of Fortune2

Jayden Joel
Namesake Jaiden Animations (Youtuber)

Billy Joel (Musical Artist)

Alias "Crescendo" (Among L 'amour)

"Bloody Mary" (Among Social Services)

Stand Piano Man
Age 20
Date of Death {{{death}}}
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Light Blue
Favorite Food Margaritas / Pancakes
Favorite Animal Flamingo
Favorite Flower Bird of Paradise
Hobbies Piano
Relatives Deceased


Jayden is a blonde man with sparkling blue eyes. He tends to wear pink tinted sunglasses and is rarely, if ever, seen without a pair of white earbuds either in his ears or around his neck. He usually wears a sky blue zip up hoodie which he leaves unzipped, a white tank top with an abstract beach scene, and pale ripped jeans with a rainbow stripe down the left leg. His knuckles are almost constantly bleeding and wrapped in cloth due to his secondary coping mechanism of punching crap.

While he is on a job, he wears a small silver bracelet with a flamingo charm on it, as well as a white bandana. His left arm is injured, and occasionally stops functioning for a moment due to a nerve injury.

He looks skinny since he always wears a hoodie, but, due to his exercise addiction, he is surprisingly buff. (Not Jotaro levels, more like Mista levels.)

Around halfway through IH, he dies his hair to the right side of his head magenta-purple.


On the surface, Jayden seems like a very laid back guy, constantly being very 'chill' and relaxed, and almost always listening to music. However, he is a very traumatized man, with deep emotional scars due to him being witness to the murder of every member of his family in front of him, and he barely escaped with just a deep, deep cut on his arm. According to him, he hears their scream in his ears all the time, which is why he listens to music all the time to drown it out. As a form of irony, he often likes to correlate his song choice with his stand's effect. (Ie., setting something on fire while listening to Burning Down The House). He has a rather morbid sense of humor.

Currently, he works a gig at Pink Martini as the piano player, and he keeps his cover rather well. His true job is a paid killer for L'amour. Ever since his first encounter with Joshua Johanson, he has felt a jealously of him, stating that 'Creativity stands are supposed to be my thing.' He and Joshua have a particular knack for running into each other at the worst possible time. He refers to Joshua as 'Art Boy' or 'Waste of Sound.'

If music is unavailable, he will resort to excessive exercise in order to raise his heartbeat enough to hear it in his ears. He often ends up punching hard surfaces, doing things such as push ups or sit ups, or even beating people up. He is also mildly addicted to adrenaline rushes.

If he is left alone for long periods of time, he falls into a state of catatonia in which he lives out visions and dreams of his, and he is almost guaranteed to fly into a murderous rage if he is woken from these visions.

Jayden J. Joel.png

He has a lot of strange quirks and irrational fears:

  • He refuses to eat or drink anything that has foam, since it is the 'perfect breeding ground for parasites to lay their eggs'.
  • He sometimes forgets to breathe for a few minutes and then when he remembers, the event startles him.
  • He has claimed that he dreams in the style of a black and white noir movie, although this is unproven.
  • He has taken a liking to the phrase Bloody Mary and anything relating to the phrase, be it weird gross ketchup drinks, historical figures, or even songs with related lyrics.
  • He is afraid of jazz music due to the memories it brings back up. This also applies to violin music.
  • His favorite smell is any type of smoke, and he has a spreadsheet on which burning materials make the best smelling smoke.
  • He makes his own songs in his free time, and he actually uses them for synesthesia occasionally. His favorite is 'Blood Soaked Rainbows'.
  • He often uses the completely wrong set of adjectives for a description, such as describing a sound as 'Spicy' or 'Sour', or calling a taste 'Turquoise'.
  • He carries around a notebook at all times, and occasionally jots things down in it, usually people's names and addresses/phone numbers/relatives.
  • He is very fond of grenades, fire, napalm, fireworks, and most importantly, incendiary grenades.
  • He does not like cute or cuddly things. Fluffy kittens or adorable flower stands have no effect at all on his soul and he does not like cuteness.



Main Article: Piano Man

Jayden posses the stand Piano Man, allowing him to cause synesthesia between sound and other senses.


As a hired killer, his preferred tactic to be a sniper, so that he can kill from afar while his target is incapacitated by Piano Man. Therefore he has incredible aim with long range weapons and is excellent with tactics as to where he should shoot from.


Jayden was born already surrounded by music: His mother was a travelling violinist and his father was the lead singer for a jazz band. By the age of six, he was already listening to music and playing the piano with his older sister.

At age eight, a figure showed up at his door with a suit, hat and sunglasses. Jayden's parents told him to hide, and he did, in a closet. The man, who was a hitman sent by someone Jayden's parents owed a debt to, couldn't find him, so he rounded up his sister and parents before torturing them to try and lure Jayden out. After killing all three of them, he eventually set the house of fire and Jayden only survived by a miracle, which he later found out was his stand Piano Man saving him.

After this event, Jayden became extremely emotionally disturbed, and was passed around multiple foster families, most of which lasted under a week since he would assault them on a daily, even hospitalizing nine of his foster parents. Therapy was ineffective, and he would refuse to stop listening to music. He gained a drinking problem at age fifteen, and among social services he came to be known as 'Bloody Mary', since he almost always had blood on his fists and had a drinking problem.

At age sixteen, he scraped together all of his money to but a one way flight to Britain, where he had a half-sister. In the subway station, while working up the nerve to talk to her, some guy 'Looked at him funny', and he beat him with a brick before stabbing out his eye with a blunt pencil. After being arrested, someone picked him up from the police precinct after flashing some kind of license at the police. Jayden was left in a solitary confinement cell for an unclarified amount of weeks and was then released for an unknown reason. He stole a few wallets and bought a train ticket to France on a whim. Eventually, after a few assaults and muggings, he caught the attention of the French Mafia L'amour. After a few years, he was kicked for his sloppy technique and trigger happiness. He became a piano singer for a bar called "Les Coeurs Solitaires" and fully manifested his stand, After a few years laying under the radar, an old rival invited him back into L 'amour and he accepted, joining project Baritone.


  • So... not sure what happened here... I just started writing his history and before I know it I'm writing 'He stabbed his eye out with a blunt pencil'. Yeah... Jayden really took a dark turn here.
  • He's allergic to strawberries... huh... wait a minute.