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—Jane Kujo

Jane Kujo is the main character and Jojo of The Last Stand.

Jane Kujo
Stand Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
Age 15
Date of Death {{{death}}}
Gender Female
Blood Type A+
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color ???
Favorite Color Lavender
Favorite Movie Interstellar
Favorite Food Crepes
Favorite Flower Cosmos
Favorite Musician Beethoven
Hobbies Staff Fighting
Relatives Jotaro Kujo


Jane is a relatively small person, nearly a whole head shorter than Roman. She tends to wear simple clothes, and always has her tattered and dirty blindfold on. She carries around a wooden staff with leaves carved into it. She often wears open toed brown sandals as well as a bracelet given to her by her mother.

She is pretty short, being about a head and a half shorter than Roman.


Jane is a person with a very explosive personality. She became very cynical and jaded once she lost her vision (Although this faded a bit over the years) and can be quite rude and abrasive, even to her friends. She isn't overly optimistic and is often the voice of reason about things going wrong and when a plan is unrealistic. She often can be mean even to her friends, although it is typically in a way that helps them. (More simply, she doesn't sugarcoat things.) She can be nice on occasions, often grudgingly.A lot of things get on her nerves, although she usually is the type to deal with it herself than ask someone to stop doing something.

She is often very mistrusting of strangers, especially people who have wronged her in the past. This can be shown in her finding fault with everything they do, arguing with them over basic things, and not taking advice or help from them even if it would be beneficial to her.

People who make fun of her blindness send her into a raging spiral of destruction and anger.



Main Article: Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

Jane possesses the stand Cosmic Autumn Rebellion, that allows her to bypass time manipulation.


Despite being blind, Jane has adapted excellently to her condition and can navigate most environments with no issue.


  • Jane's stand was originally going to be much more powerful and have many forms of time manipulation, being an automatic stand with 8 parts.
    • She was also originally going to not believe in stands, being blind and with an automatic stand.
    • This idea was reused through Random Access Memories.
  • She believes she has had her stand since she was 14, however she has had it since birth but was only able to summon it at will at age fourteen. Sometime before this, The Mayor had gathered information on her and added Cosmic Autumn Rebellion to the database.
  • Jane is aromantic and asexual. She adopted both of her children. (Jovie and Giorgio)
    • Giorgio, through the means of Random Access Memories, ended up having a one night stand which would ultimately produce Johnny Joestar's father. He had no idea and left the time period soon after, leaving George Joestar to grow up fatherless. This is how Jane is sort of kind of related to the Joestar line. Her father, Jotaro, is also not actually part of the Joestar family.