Jacob Hernandéz
New Canvas
English Name Jacob Hernandéz
Stand Gipsy King (RRVL)
Date of Death 1880
Nationality Mexican

Jacob Hernandéz is a minor antagonist and player character in ReRevolution (Part 1). His stand is Gipsy King.


Jacob is described as a 'stereotypical mexican man' and uses spanish constantly.


Hernandéz usually acts in the easiest route possible and tries to escape whenever possible.



Jacob is a mexican immigrant and a family man that lives quietly in Big Springs.

ReRevolution (1880)

Jacob joins with Danny Boy, one of Diogo's assassins and Zartmo Flaute on a locomotive to Austin on the pretext of joining the revolution when he actually just wanted to get out of the town.

When the main party makes the train crash, he waits until the fight between Mariya and Danny Boy is resolved to ask about joining the group. Mariya then shoots him with her stand and he becomes blind, seeing only through Gipsy King. He dies after killing both Nick and Archie's horses (Sand King and Bizet).