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Jodh Joshi

Japanese Name ハイドラス
English Name Underdog
User Jodh Joshi
Namesake Hydrus (Minor constellation)
Hydrus (Chomstars song)
Manga Debut Unknown
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Range D
Durability A
Precision E
Developmental Potential A

Hydrus (ハイドラス Haidorasu?) is the Stand of Jodh Joshi.


Hydrus appears to be metallic and resembles a wheel-less, orange longboard protected with thick, navy blue guards and rails with angular edges. Connected to the board via tubes is a miniature, copper-colored engine that features two large rocket nozzles. Due to the stand's metallic properties, Hydrus gleams and shines when held close to a light source. The only nonmetal portion of the Stand is the leather-like straps on top, which automatically bind Jodh's feet to the board when he rides it. When the stand's engine is activated, bright orange flames and white specks of superheated water appear to spew out from the nozzles.


Hydrus is one of the few Stands that resemble an object while not being bound. Jodh can summon up to three instances of Hydrus, if need be. Although the Stand lacks a unique ability, it compensates with its enormous speed and flight capabilities, which Jodh capitalizes on to ram targets effectively. Additionally, Hydrus's immense durability allows Jodh to use the board as a shield in a pinch.


By all fictional definitions, Hydrus is a hoverboard. It is a longboard-like vehicle capable of traversing at high speeds through the air via a rocket-powered engine. Essentially, this engine, located underneath the board, utilizes rocket nozzles that eject flames and superheated water to propel itself. According to Jodh, Hydrus can travel up to 150 km/h, and it can move in any direction in the air, even straight upwards, without stalling. Because the hoverboard is a Stand, Jodh is able to control the engine, and even the path of the board in flight to a small degree, with his mind. Furthermore, there are leather straps that bind Jodh's feet to the board when he rides it, so that he will not fall off mid-flight. Also controlled with his mind, these straps can tighten, loosen, appear, or disappear as he pleases.

The rocket nozzles are capable of being used as weapons on their own. Spewing fire and scalding water when activated, they will severely burn anything in caught in their spray, acting as a makeshift flamethrower. In addition, activating the nozzles to instantaneously output enough force to make the board travel at top speed can generate a small but devastating shockwave.

The entire board, especially the guards and rails, are extremely durable and act as a hard surface. These properties allow Jodh to utilize the hoverboard as a missile, "sending" it off with his mind to and causing it to propel itself into a target. The board's high speed and hard edges make it capable of shattering even damaging stone just by ramming force. Additionally, when the engine is destroyed, as typical with engines, it will explode violently with enough heat, fire, and scalding steam to warp metal and shatter stone. If Jodh is riding the board while this happens, he may be gravely injured.

One special limitation to Hydrus is Jodh's own human body. As the board allows him to travel is breakneck speeds, he is no stranger to experiencing multiple G's at once and may pass out from acceleration, whiplash, or other speed-related injuries if he is not careful.

Hydrus: High Tide