Holy Diver, weak? Fool, there are no "strong" or "weak" stands, for each and every one of them is useful in its own way. But such wisdom appears to be lost on scum like you. You should be grateful that I, Dio, allow you to perish by a Stand like Holy Diver.

—Dio Brando to Historia Heydrich

Holy Diver
Japanese Name 神聖潜り(ホーリーダイバー)
English Name Holy Diver
User Youki Brando
Namesake Holy Diver (DIO)
Rainbow In The Dark (DIO)
Seiyuu Ryoka Yuzuki
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range C
Durability C
Precision B
Developmental Potential A

Holy Diver (神聖潜り(ホーリーダイバー) Hōrī Daibā) is the Stand of Youki Brando, featured in Diamond Dust Revolution, who developed it in the decade after Stardust Crusaders.


Holy Diver is a natural humanoid, close-range power type Stand (人近距離パワー型  Ningen Kinkyori Pawā-gata) that resembles Youki herself. Its white hair, is really long, like Youki's, and even reaches the ground. It takes the form of an angel with two white, feathery wings and eight shining golden wings. It has the ability to summon a shining blade in its left hand, while using its right hand for its abilities.


Muda da wa.

— a variation of the Brando Family catchphrase

Dio describes Holy Diver's personality as calm and serene, much like its master. Much like the rest of the Brando Family, Holy Diver's catchphrase is Muda (無駄, lit. "useless"), but it comes out as an arrogant proclamation rather than a battlecry.


Holy Diver essentially has the ability to control light and create whatever it wishes with it, the exception being living organisms and other Stands. Additionally, whatever it creates goes through a certain interval of time, depending on how much area its creation needs to cover. Since it draws its strength from light, it becomes more powerful the more intense the light in a location is.

Thus, Holy Diver mostly needs a partner to unleash its full potential. Since Youki mostly fights alongside Dio, she makes use of her abilities to guard him from long-range attacks.

  • Barrier (Baria ((バリア)?): Holy Diver summons a huge wall of light that shields her and her partner from attacks. She can create one at a time.
  • Rainbow in the Dark (Reinbō in za dāku (闇の中の虹(レーンボー・イン・ザー・ダーク)?) Youki infuses Holy Diver's energy with that of another Stand, usually her battle partner. The Stand gains more speed and strength, and in some cases even longer range. Additionally, it is able to effectively fight foes that are weak to sunlight.
  • Last Judgment (Rāsuto Jajimento (最後の審判(ラースト・ジャジメント)?) By far Holy Diver's strongest ability, but also the hardest and most time-consuming to pull off. For it to be effective, Youki needs a large area with a very intense light. Holy Diver then sends a barrage of hardened light blades at its foes, piercing and destroying everything in sight.


  • Holy Diver and its ability Rainbow in the Dark have their namesake in the band Dio, which is appropriate since Dio Brando named his wife's Stand.
  • Youki stated that even she doesn't know who would win between her Holy Diver and Enrico Pucci's Whitesnake.
  • It is based, appearance-wise, on a concept of Joy from Bayonetta.

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