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Heruzu & Beruzu
Japanese Name ハーウズ & バーウズ
Romanized Name Haauzu & Baauzu
English Name Heruzu & Beruzu
Namesake Hell's bells (Song by AC/DC)
Stand Thunderstruck & TNT
Age 200+
Birthday ???, 1740's
Date of Death {{{death}}}
Gender Male
Height 6'9
Weight 57Lb
Nationality Australian
Race Rock Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red (HRZ) Green (BRZ)
Occupation Guardians of the Stone Masks, Construction Workers
Manga Debut JJAA: BT, Chapter ??? "The Kingsmen Part 1" (First mentioned)

JJAA: BT, Chapter ??? "Hell's Bells Part 1" (Full appearence)

Final Appearance JJAA: BT, Chapter ??? "Thunderstruck Part 2" (HRZ)

JJAA: BT, Chapter ??? "TNT" (BRZ)

Anime Debut JJAA: BT, Episode ??? "The Kingsmen" (First mentioned)

JJAA: BT, Episode ??? "Hell's Bells Part 1" (Full Appearence)

Seiyuu Keiji Fujiwara (HRZ) Takehito Koyasu (BRZ)

Heruzu (ハーウズ "Haauzu") and Beruzu (バーウズ "Baauzu") are two Rock Humans in Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Battle Tendency.



Heruzu is a somewhat muscular and tall man with pale skin and sharp teeth, his eyes are a bright red and his hair is brown and mostly hidden under a brown ushanka.

He wears a jean jacket with a striped red and blue shirt underneath. His pants are beltless bell pants that he wears slightly lower relative to his waist.


Beruzu is thinner than his older brother, Heruzu, and naturally shorter, but he shares some characteristics with his brother: pale skin, sharp teeth and bright colored eyes, Beruzu's eyes are green instead of red. Beruzu has long brown hair that almost reaches his waist.

Beruzu wears a long, dark green leather jacket, combat boots and his jean pants have a camouflage pattern. He also has a golden watch on his right wrist and rings with a different gemstone on each finger of his left hand.



Heruzu is somewhat obnoxious, he's always bragging and demeaning his brother, despite the fact that he is weaker than Beruzu. A personality characteristic shared by both is that they're protective of eachother, as seen when Beruzu is punched away and knocked out by Killing Joke in "Hell's Bells Part 1".


Beruzu is much quieter than his brother, because he believes in the saying "Mind over matter" I.E.: he'd rather use TNT strategically and quietly rather than just mindlessly blowing up his enemies. After Heruzu is killed in "Thunderstruck Part 2" Beruzu ditches that mindset and randomly attacks the protagonists.



Heruzu's Stand is Thunderstruck, it is a serpent of electricity that, obviously, fights with electric bolts.

Heruzu is also very strong on his own, being able to break three to five planks of wood with one hand.


Beruzu's Stand is TNT, it is a muscular, faceless figure with a clock on it's face. Its ability is similar to Killer Queen's, anything it touches becomes a time bomb that explodes after a certain amount of time, which is measured through the clock on TNT's face.

Beruzu is the brains of the duo, as mentioned before by his fighting style, being more stealthy and strategical.



  • Heruzu has a dent on his head, that reveals his indentity as a Rock Human, it is hidden under his ushanka.
  • He can also stuff his ear into his head, like Giorno Giovanna and Andre Boom Boom.


  • Beruzu can recite the first 30 decimals of Pi.