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Hermit Purple Requiem is a stand that's in PSQuasar's Void. Its user is Joseph's Joestar.


Hermit Purple Requiem is a bound stand that can take on the look of any type of plant fiber structure. This includes, but is not limited to tree trunks, vines, stalks, and flowers, all of which are tinted purple and glowing faintly.


Compared to Hermit Purple, the plant matter created by Hermit Purple Requiem is incredibly tough. It is said that a thick rope is enough to hold a car's weight. Hermit Purple Requiem is able to do all that Hermit Purple can do and more.

Hermit Purple Requiem, when activated, causes a massive forest around the user. The forest is about two miles in radius.


Hermit Purple Requiem is able to sense a person's positioning, appearance, stand (including its abilities), and motives when the person steps inside the forest. Any electronic device that Hermit Purple can manipulate, Hermit Purple Requiem can too, as long as it's in the forest. In addition to divination of what will happen, it can also find out what happened via a device.


Hermit Purple Requiem can also possess any or machine, including robots, cyborgs, and artificial stands. As long as these machines are the forest, they can be possessed without needing to be touched. Otherwise, vines created via Hermit Purple can also be used to possess because of its latent requiem.

Plant Manipulation

Hermit Purple Requiem can manipulate any plants that are in its forest, causing them to become dangerous traps or even entities.

Ripple Transmission

Hermit Purple Requiem's plant matter is said to be the fastest Ripple energy conductor to exist. Ripple energy can travel outside the forest's radius within five seconds.

Hermit Purple 2 Requiem

Since the issue that Hermit Purple had about breaking devices has been removed by Hermit Purple Requiem, the only difference between the two stands' requiems is that Hermit Purple 2 Requiem's has a radius of two-and-a-half miles rather than two.