Japanese Name ハーモニー
Romanized Name Hāmonī
User(s): Multiple
Fighting Style Focus Being one with the enviroment
Harmony (ハーモニー "Hāmonī") is a non-Stand power featured in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure


Harmony is an ancient martial art that can be mastered by being in harmony with the world around you, anyone can train to be a Harmony Master, but it requires a lot of hard work. Mastering Harmony leads to many other powers, such as seeing the spirits and even Stands of the people around the user, despite not having a Stand. Harmony masters are also very strong and fast. Each user gains a different special ability as they train, such as manipulating earth and air.


  • Harmony is inspired by Hamon, but unlike Hamon, it is not replaced by Stands, Harmony exists along with Stands.