Hanged Man
Japanese Name ハングドマン
English Name Hanged Man
User Gareth Anthrax
Namesake The Hanged Man (Tarot Card)
Manga Debut JJAA: PB, Chapter ??? "The Hanged Man"
Anime Debut JJAA: PB, Episode ??? "The Hanged Man"
Destructive Power C
Speed D
Range D
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential E
Hanged Man (ハングドマン "Hangudo Man") is the Stand used by Gareth Anthrax in Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Phantom Blood.


Hanged Man is bound to a crucifix necklace that Gareth wears, when properly summoned, a much larger crucifix appears behind him and three other people near Gareth.


Crucifixion: When this Stand is summoned, it traps its user and three other people around him and ties them to the crucifix with flaming ropes, afterwards, it's a game of survival, if someone gives up, the ropes turn solid and that person is dead, the last one standing gets to escape.