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Guns N' Roses
Japanese Name ガンズ・エン・ロージズ
User Loving Blossom
Namesake Guns N' Roses (American hard rock band)
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range E
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential C

Guns N' Roses (ガンズ ・エン ・ローズィズ "Ganzu en Roozizu") is the Stand of Loving Blossom In Blossom's Bizarre Adventure: War N' Peace


Guns N' Roses appears as a tall muscular male figure with pinkish red skin,its colar and lower chest are jagged, around it's shoulder are white straps that keep a large Rafflesia flower on GNR's back. Its forearms are bandaged and it wears a mask with 3 vertical lines and 5 dots, the mask also has eyeholes which show pitch black eyes with white pupils, at the top of the mask is a drawing of a rose.

Guns N' Roses has long orange hair, orange flowers on the back of it's hands and it seems to wear brown pants and red boots.


Like most protagonist Stands, Guns N' Roses doesn't have much personality aside from yelling "ORA ORA ORA" when doing an attack rush.


Enhanced Strength/Speed/Precision: The basic protagonist abilities, not much to be added

Plantlife Manipulation: Guns N' Roses' main ability, it is able to make vines and flowers grow out of the ground, but they can't grow from concrete or rocks, there must be at least a small hole leading to the soil for plants to be created.

"November Rain":  If its user is very hurt, GNR will create a large dense forest around it's user and create a healing branch dome around her.



  • Guns N' Roses is technically the second Stand to appear in the story, the first being a very minor knight-like Stand.