Green Onions
Namesake Daryl Hall & Booker T. Jones - Green Onions
Manga Debut Stardust Crusaders Part 3: Chp. 135
Anime Debut Stardust Crusaders: Episode 36
Destructive Power B
Speed D
Range C
Durability B
Precision C
Developmental Potential A

Green Onions (蔬菜 球茎 Green Vegetable, Onion Bulb?, ネギ) Gorenu Onionu


Green Onions is a tall, round, yet flexible stand. Green Onions head is a large green onion with large yellow stars for eyes. The outer part of his bicep is lined with onions and if you get close enough you can even smell them. This is a theme for Green Onion's appearence, because both of his legs and his body is also lined with green onions. His shoes are entirely circular but have very thing twigs sticking out all around them. He has as very muscular build despite his round body, when he enters the room both men and women strip naked and throw themselves at him.

Green Onions always appears sticking out of the group when summoned. It is not known why this is because he doesn't have a mouth. Even if he did he wouldn't speak because his breath smells absoutely vile. His battlecry is ONAONAONAOONAAAAAA


Green Onions is an extremely close-range stand, he ues his horrid smell to his advantage.

Super Strength/Senses/Speed: Or at least he tries to believe. Once he saw Jotaro in the streets punching people with Star Platinum and he made a vow to be as similar to Star Platinum as he could. Althought it may seem like he is extremely powerful from his appearence, he has the strength, speed and senese of a pre-pubesence 12 year old boy.

Digging: It is said that there is no surface that Green Onions can't tear through with his bear hands. From diamonds to paper, there is no limits, except for people. He can't dig through people very well.

Dissapointment: Green Onions has the ability to strike dissapointing on anyone he sees, except for his owner. But he doesn't need to cast it on his owner because he has felt dissapointed with Green Onion since he first got him on that fateful night...



  • Did you know that Green Onion's head isn't actually his true head? When he was a wee child, his owner found an awesome onion helmet and put it on Green Onions. Every since that day, he has kept that helmet on and changed his appearence to incorperate onions in anyway possible.