Get Back
Japanese Name ゲット・バック
User Forest Blossom
Namesake Get Back (Song by The Beatles)
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range D
Durability A
Precision B
Developmental Potential C
Get Back (ゲット・バック "Getto Bakku") is the Stand of Forest Blossom in a later part of BBA


Get back is a pale, mouthless male Stand with many items of clothing and accessories, inspired by its user and the two Josukes (DiU & JJL) it wears a purple jacket, and gloves similar to Killer Queen's, except instead of a specific logo on the back, it's just a generic sun with a realistic face and a prism shaped nose, the same sun appears on its shoulders, also like Killer Queen. Get Back's irises are split in two, one side is green while the other is red, it's jacket has a heart and a peace sign, it's undershirt has a golden anchor on top and all the unique Stand/battle cries in the series* around it on the bottom.

It has an undone belt and it's shoes have its user's two logos (a lilypad on the right shoe and a star with a crescent moon on the left) its hair is almost identical to DiU Josuke's.

Get Back is easily the most human Stand in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure, it's design combining parts of different Jojos is a reference to how the name "Jojo" comes from this Stand's namesake

*Series refers to BBA, although the Stand cries are mostly the same.


If Get back is active while the user is doing something, it will usually express the same emotions as her, its Stand cry is the same as W.A.S.P's (ORARARAORA...) Since this Stand has no mouh, it is vocalized by the user, Forest Blossom.


Enhanced Abilities (Strength, Speed, etc.): Since it's a protagonist's Stand, this ability is kind of obligatory, not much can be added to this.

Intangibility: This term is used lightly, it doesn't make Forest intangible as much as it decreases an object's consistency (making it more gelatinous, almost water-like) for her to swim right through it.

Invisibility: This Stand can turn itself and its user completely invisible, Stand users can still sense their presence, but cannot see them.