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"My stand has the ability to teleport objects that it has touched. I call it, warping. This is Galaxy Clubs ability!"" ~Ichiru explaining his stands power.

♣Galaxy Club♣ (ギャラクシークラブ, Gyarakushī Kurabu) is the Stand of Ichiru Shirogane, featured in Ace Warriors.


Galaxy Club appears as a 6'2 (187cm) tall humanoid creature, with its body being surrounded by milky way flames (36°C, 96.8°F,308.7K) that do not incinerate upon contact. A metal mask is positioned on where its facial area would be. Galaxy Club speaks with a distorted voice, echoing each word, being similar to the Warper voice from Subnautica (but without the screeches). Ichiru is able to communicate with others via him, however his voice is replaced with the one above.


Galaxy Club is not a sentient stand, therefore it does not have a personality.



Galaxy Club can warp objects, precisely speaking, Warping Teleportation. By touching an object, the stand distorts the space around a target turning it into a warp field, and collapsing matter, atom by atom within the field through a spatial distortion into a dimensional void, instantly teleporting and reconstructing the target to another location. Galaxy club is able to deconstruct parts of object, for example a hand/leg from a human or a chair's leg from a chair, teleporting it elsewhere. The range that Galaxy Club can teleport an object is about 1km. The remaining object will have a milky way outline surrounding the part that was warped, similar to Sticky Finger's zippers. The warp field sucks the object instantly, thus if the object that had a portion warped is sentient, its Nervous system will not process the pain, thus the entity that had the portion removed will not feel pain until it registers that the portion was lost. The lost portion can be re-attached into the entity/object by warping it again, this time without needing to touch the portion again. It will re-attach itself onto the object/entity and function exactly as it did prior to it being warped. For example, it a limb were to get warped from a human/animal and re-warp onto them, it would still function like prior.


With Ichiru obtaining the stand at a young age, thus training with it from a young age, he was able to bring it at its peak at the age of 19. Like many close ranged Stands, Galaxy Club lacks in range and slight durability, but is great in terms of Speed, Power and Precision, thus it is able to deliver swift, fast and powerful punches within a barrage and should it be combined with warping, it can be fatal. Its range is about 2 meters, with its maximum 2.5, yet its slower and less precise at that range.

GalaxyClub stats.jpg


  • Ichiru often refers to Galaxy Club as "him". The reason behind this is that Galaxy's body build resembles a male, making Ichiru categorize the Stand as a male, with it actually being genderless. Other Ace Warriors like Hans Von Stroheim's Frau Kommandantin and Jolly Joestar's JojoFM.
  • Its original name was Galaxy Clover. It was later changed to Galaxy Club for the sake of Ace Warrior's theme, where the 3 allies and protagonist have their stands named after the 4 Ace's, Ace of Spades ♠, Ace of Clubs ♣, Ace of Hearts ♥ and Ace of Diamonds ♦.
  • Its barrage cry, "Haji" translates into "disgrace". The stand cry is used by Ichiru purely to offend the other stand user..