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is a minor character in stardust crusaders and minor character also in the Diamond is Unbreakable.


Fuyumi Kujo has long black hair reaching towards her waist in slight waves and has blue eyes, Fuyumi has been known to have a slight resemblance of her grandmother Elizabeth Joestar though despite difference in hair color. Fuyumi wears the typical uniform of her brother's Jotaro's school uniform for girls but wears a black hoodie whenever it gets cold.


Fuyumi is known as the motherly type in the Kujo Household and has qualities of a housemaid and a stay at home mother, She makes sure her brother's go to school with full stomaches by making sandwiches and cleaning up their rooms when their messy. Because of her qualities, Fuyumi is quite ladylike and is humble because of this when someone compliments are thrown her way because of her skills. Despite that Fuyumi is quick to anger becoming short-tempered and hostile whenever she is frustrated with her brother's Masaki and Riku antics and her best friend Ryoko Tachibana tyring to set her up with men Ryoko incounters shattering her ladylike image. Fuyumi is also self-centered and selfish when it comes to romance insisting that while she is attracted to Kyakoin she does not conceder her worthy of his acknowledgement, attention and his ideal person to fall in love with and that she is to busy to have that sort of thing and that romance does not profit her desires and achievements and satisfaction. Fuyumi is also conceited and prideful believing for everything to go her way and seems quite arrogant and bashful when it comes to her possibilities in life. Despite her abnocxious attitude to people and her family, Fuyumi is very caring and kind-hearted and seems to have an interest of becoming a mother and Fuyumi has shown that she can be regretful of her harsh treatment of people and can be melancholy shown when Jotaro gave her the sad news of Kyakoin's death when he cameback from Cairo, Egypt from defeating Dio.



Fuyumi was born in Japan in 1972 the day her brother Jotaro was two years old. Fuyumi grew up noticing Jotaor's change in personality but thought better of it. Fuyumi was three years old when her brother's Masaki and Riku were born and decided that she had to be responsible of their well-being and became protective of them.