Jojo's Bizzare Fanon Wiki

Stand Name: Follow Me

Stand Appearance: Follow Me appears to be the size of the user's shadow and will constantly appear in the user's shadow but when the user enters another shadow it grows larger.

~ Stand Abilities ~

/ Shadow \ - When the user is in the shadows Follow Me will continue to grow in size and power but when exiting the shadow it will return back to its original size and power.

/ Following \ - Follow Me will create a shadow like line from its hands as it if this line makes contact with a living being the living being will be forced to copy the user's movements and actions along with words, but to get the line onto the ground Follow Me will have to be on the ground leaving the user unprotected by their stand. The more in the shadows the user is the longer the line will become and it will be able to go further.

Power - C Speed - C Precision - A Durability - D Range - A Development Potential - C

Stand Type - Automatic