Feel Good Inc.
Japanese Name フィール・グッド・インク
User TBA
Namesake Feel Good Inc. (Song by Gorillaz)
Destructive Power B
Speed D
Range E
Durability B
Precision C
Developmental Potential D
Feel Good Inc.(フィール・グッド・インク "Fiiru Guddo Inku") Is a Stand featured in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure: Play to Kill.


Feel Good Inc. takes the form of 3 small colorful windmills around it's user, each windmill has 3 sets of oval headlight eyes and a grey door-like mouth, at the bottom of the windmills are grey cones with orange strips of lights around them.


Wind Vector Manipulation: As long as there is a gust of wind blowing from behind the windmills, Feel Good Inc. can control the direction the wind is blowing it.

Wind Constructs: FGI can also build physical objects out of wind for it's user to utilize them in battle.