Japanese Name フェーリタル
User Leon Grimm
Namesake A Fairytale from Nightwish
Destructive Power E
Speed E
Range C
Durability A
Precision C
Developmental Potential A
 Fairytale (フェーリタル, feeritaru), is Stand of Leon Grimm. It has ability to create Stands, which names often are somehow related to famous stories, such as Snow White.


Fairytale is item-type Stand, and seems to lack personality. It takes usually a form of a book. However, it is capable of creating a "Guardian" to defend his user should it need to.

Fairytale's "Grimm Storytime" is also emotionless, and only protects owner of Fairytale from danger.


Unlike majority of the Stands, Fairytale has demonstrated four different abilities, mostly due it passing from owner to owner atleast two hundred years.

  • Inheritance : Fairytale's original and most important ability. It is possible to pass Fairytale to new user, though process costs owner's life. 
  • Stand Creation: Fairytale's ability is to create Stand Arrows from it's pages, but it is nearly impossible to tell what kind of Stand it grants. Strongest creation of Fairytale is self-conscious Stand, Sleepy Hollow. It can only create one kind of stand at a time, and cannot create similar stand until current user dies, or willingly returns the ability. Usually Stand's names are somehow related to the stories of Grimm. When granting person a stand, one page of Fairytale changes form into a arrow and flies at intended target.
  • Grimm Storytime : Should need to raise, Fairytale is capable of conjuring a stand to shield it's user. Stand takes form of a figure wearing leather clothes and light brown wizard hat.
  • Stand Scanning & Tracking : Fairytale's last ability allows it to "record" any stand user has encountered to its pages, without affecting Stands themselves. He can however use Fairytale to track the user of a Stand, though range of this is only few kilometers.

    Grimm Storytime


  • Ability of Fairytale is similar to Bow and Arrows, as both have ability to empower/create stands.
  • Name is based for song of Nightwish, Storytime.