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Japanese Name Evarong
English Name Everlong
User Norihiko Mundo
Namesake The Song: Everlong
Destructive Power E
Speed B
Range D
Durability A
Precision B
Developmental Potential D


Everlong is a stand used by Norihiko Mundo.


Everlong has a nice green, yellow, and red patterned color head and also has a royal pattern for his torso, arms, and legs.


Everlong has the ability to make any wound on a target that was inflicted by Mundo or Everlong to last forever, even if the target has regeneration. And, Everlong and Mundo have the exact opposite effect, as any weak attacks will actually heal them. However, a strong attack will damage the user and heal the person who damaged them. Everlong has great durability, though, so this doesn't happen much. Everlong can smooth out a human's body to make them super bouncy, which limits their attack power and mobility.

What it looks like.