Electron Blue
Japanese Name イレックトラン・ブルー
User Star Dawn
Namesake Electron Blue (Song by R.E.M.)
Destructive Power A
Speed D
Range B
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential A
Electron Blue (イレックトラン・ブルー "Irekkutoran Buruu") is one of the Stands belonging to Star Dawn in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure Part IV, later in the same part it evolves into Imitation of Life and then into Losing my Religion.


Electron Blue is a tall humanoid Stand, its color scheme is predominantly blue, it has a four-spiked crown on it's head along with a noseless and mouthless face. Its pupils are in a web pattern with a small red dot in the center. Electron Blue has large metallic wheels for shoulders and small boxes on it's wrists. All along Electron Blue's limbs are stitches, some parts are bursting open with white stuffing, signifying that it is incomplete.


Electron Blue acts on its own and does anything for its user to remain hidden as it works. Generally, it's personality is like Whitesnake's, cold and hateful.


Enhanced Abilities: Electron Blue can pierce through flesh with just one hand, combined with its main ability, it is one of the strongest Stands ever.

Electric Daggers: The boxes on Electron Blue's wrists conceal small electrified blades, if someone is stabbed, they will be desintegrated within one minute.


  • Electron Blue and its line of Stands are counterparts to Whitesnake, C-Moon and Made in Heaven