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Easy Lover
English Name French Girl
User Abigail Grayroad
Namesake Easy Lover by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins
Destructive Power A
Speed C
Range B (20m)
Durability D
Precision C
Developmental Potential C

Easy Lover is the Stand of Abigail Grayroad, featured in JoJo's Other Adventures - Road To Eldorado.


Easy Lover is a skin colored humanoid about the same size as Abigail. Its face is featureless except for a rectangle-shaped hole where its eyes are supposed to be. At the location of the ears, there are round holes instead of auditive organs.

Easy Lover's right arm has its hand replaced by a hook attached to a rope which the end is hidden inside the body. The full lenght of the rope is about twenty meters.

A stylized heart is drawn on Easy Lover's chest.


As the whole body of Easy Lover is meant to contain its rope, the Stand is not very resilient. However, it is very strong as it was able to grab a whole wagon (horses included) and throw it away with its hook.

• Hook and Rope : Easy Lover has its right hand replaced by an iron hook attached to a rope which goes inside its body. The rope and the hook are indestructible. Abigail can produce a smaller version of them which will be attached to her index or major.

• Memory Hook : Easy Lover's hook, when passing throught someone, is able to grab the last ten seconds of that person's memory, making him forget about it. Out of its owner's body, the memory is stocked inside a transparent bubble where it is replayed in forever. If the hook passes throught someone's head, Abigail will be able to feel, see, ear everything that the person feels, thinks or witness.



Easy Lover was inspired by Hermit Purple, the Stand of her descendant, Joseph Joestar, which is a telepathic Stand able to read the mind of others.

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