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Dream Evil ドリアム エビル (doriamu ebiru) is the Stand of Heimellock Vauhlksohv.

Dream Evil


It's appearance appears to be that of the Devil seen in the Holy Diver album art. It wears titanium armour at all times unless it needs to take it off to attack and move faster.


Dream Evil's battle cry is "MUDA MUDA MUDA" Muda (ムダ, Mu-da) referencing his heritage of the Brando bloodline.

Dream Evil has its own personality and it speaks and acts on its own, protecting Heimellock before trouble comes their way, unless they get a surprise in which it will mercilessly beat their ambusher to death without question. It's a very cruel, evil and hateful stand, reminiscent of what it's master went through as a child and hearing about what the Devil can do, the reason behind why it is so powerful.


Machine Gun Punching: Dream Evil starts punching with both fists at intense power and speed, much like the punching power and speed of Star Platinum's own punches.

Time Shift: Dream Evil has the ability to shift time back before the opponent's strongest attack while also messing with time to make that same attack hit the opponent. It has a most unique drawback, in the form that if time shift was used too many times in the same hour, it messes time up so badly that it transports both Dream Evil and it's user into an alternate universe, and if the same happens in that universe, it brings them back to the one they came from.

Chain Whip: Dream Evil swings it's chain whip to attack from a distance, it can also be used to latch onto an enemy to slam it into the ground, overhead slam the enemy and throw them away.

Bomb Conversion: Just like Killer Queen's primary bombs, Dream Evil can do the same thing except it isn't a regular explosion: It explodes blood that can bleed-out any living organism in 3 minutes and die. The blood also weakens and slows any hit living organism, however the bleeding this blood causes can be cured.

Sheer Dream Attack: Just like Killer Queen's Sheer Heart Attack, this is also a remote controlled bomb. It seeks the fear and stress of it's target, whichever is highest. It's explosion has the same bleeding effect as the bomb conversion ability.

Poison Breathing: Dream Evil's breath has a very bad virus effect that will poison whatever it touches, meaning Heimellock always carries a cure for this around his neck underneath his clothing. Only experts can track this poisoning, meaning if somebody cures the bleeding, they might not find this intense poisoning that kills its host in 2 minutes.

Titanium Armour: Dream Evil wears titanium armour and it can be taken off to move even faster, just like Silver Chariot's armour ability. It can improve to something that even lava cannot burn. Without it's armour on, it has a B in durability due to having skin as hard as a mountain.

Deathly Resurrection: Dream Evil has the ability to make thralls out of any skeletal remains and corpses in an 100 meter vicinity for 5 minutes, the maximum number of thralls is 10 and increases each time the ability is used.

Weakness to the Day: Dream Evil comes with a serious de-buff however as its only as strong as it is at night, unless it is in the darkness during the day which will make it just 25% weaker instead of the day's 50% weakness.


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