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You think that's cool? Why... that's just the beginning!

—Devon Tailes

Dr. Devon Tailes is a major ally featured in [PROJECT: ACTOT - NAME REDACTED].

He is a long-time friend of Electra and is very well-liked by all of the Joestars.


Devon Tailes is a tall man, with a slight but built frame, collar-length blond hair and hazel eyes that appear golden under the right light. He is most commonly seen with a light-coloured button-up collared shirt tucked into black dress pants with a white doctor's coat over it.


Devon is a very kind man who seems to really genuinely enjoy helping people. As a doctor, he believes it's his duty to help anyone who is in need of aid, except for those who are bad and who wish harm on his friends and family. Despite having an incredibly powerful Stand that could be used in a number of malicious ways, the thought of using He's A Monster to hurt people never once occurred to him.

He is dedicated to his practice and is constantly experimenting (on willing volunteers, of course) with his Stand to find new ways to help people.

He displays an incredibly selfless personality, most notable with his interactions with Sabrina. While she views him as her saviour and has stated repeatedly that she would do literally anything for him, he continually states that he does not want anything from her except for her to be happy in life with her new identity.

He can be rather stern at times, as seen by his scolding of Josephine Joestar for not taking better care of her broken foot, but nonetheless is still willing to help her.

He only ever drinks strawberry lemonade. Despite this fact, he doesn't appear to have any health concerns for whatever reason, a detail that many question regarding its possibility.



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Devon Tailes possesses the Stand He's A Monster, allowing him to finely manipulate the bodies of any living thing his Stand touches in any way he pleases.