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Doom Metal
Japanese Name ドゥーム・メッタル
User Spring Rocker
Namesake Doom Metal (subgenre of Heavy Metal)
Destructive Power C
Speed B
Range D
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential A

Doom Metal (ドゥーム・メッタル "Duumu Mettaru") is the bound Stand of Spring Rocker featured in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure


Doom Metal is similar to Anubis in that it has a Stand form and a physical form, it is bound to a Gibson Flying V guitar, giving it a black bat shape with a flame decal, it's true form is very similar to Killer Queen, except it has two sets of horns, a nose and it opens its mouth, revealing sharp teeth with blood at the tips, its eyes are green and it has a white collar. On one hand it wears a long flame-like glove and it has a belt with a diamond shape that's yellow and red.


Doom Metal is similar to Blind Faith, an independent Stand that taunts its opponents and learns from fighting them.


Sound Cutters: The waves of sound produced by Doom Metal's guitar form can be turned into flying blades of sound.

Learning: As mentioned before, as DM fights, it learns from its opponent, eventually destroying his target.