Deep Purple
Japanese Name ディープ・パーパル
User Haze
Namesake Deep Purple (English hard rock band)
Destructive Power B
Speed E
Range E
Durability C
Precision A
Developmental Potential C
Deep Purple (ディープ・パーパル "Diipu Paaparu") is the Stand of Haze in a later part of Blossom's Bizarre Adventure.


Deep Purple is bound the user's left eye, making the iris split into 7 sections, each with one color of the rainbow.


Rainbow Creation: Deep Purple creates rainbows in the sky, these rainbows lock onto objects, once they are locked, the second phase of this ability begins.

Perspective Manipulation: Once 2 or more objects are locked with rainbows, Haze can move around to change the object's position in his perspective, anyone or anything in between those objects can be crushed with this ability.