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The fact that any of you think you can stand up to me is… laughable. None can oppose my ability… there’s never been a stronger one!

—Andrea Farrar

Dead Girl!
Japanese Name デッドガル
Deddo Garu
English Name Like A Zombie
User Andrea Farrar
Namesake Dead Girl! (Shake My Head) (Song by Au/Ra)
Destructive Power E
Speed C
Range C
Durability D
Precision B
Developmental Potential ?

Dead Girl! Stats.png

This page contains information that has been redacted to avoid major spoilers.

Dead Girl! is the Stand of Andrea Farrar, a major antagonist featured in [PROJECT: ACTOT - NAME REDACTED]


Dead Girl! is an ability Stand and therefore doesn't have much of an appearance most of the time. When using her ability, Andrea's hair transforms into beautifully cascading thin vines with flowers growing on them. These flowers appear in a wide variety of species and colours, and are different each time.


Dead Girl!, manifesting as an ability, has no personality to speak of.

Abilities and Powers

Shake My Head

Dead Girl's primary ability, aptly named Shake My Head by Andrea, activates when Andrea shakes her head, transforming her hair into flowery vines. These vines can be stretched and extended a good distance according to Andrea's will, as well as being fully controllable by her, being able to act as additional appendages, barriers to defend against oncoming attacks, and the like.

These vines are strong enough to be able to quite easily break someone's neck.


When a vine is wrapped around a person's limb or body, Andrea has the ability to use, and even temporarily take away, their Stand, as well as share the Stands among bound individuals, though this is also temporary.

Should Andrea kill someone with her Shake My Head ability, she gains their Stand and is then able to give it to someone of her choice. Stands given to others are of a different colouration than they are normally, e.g. the green hues of [REDACTED] changing to pink. If someone kills themselves while their Stand is being controlled, it doesn't count as Andrea killing them, and she therefore does not gain access to their Stand.

Sentient Stand that get given to someone will have a personality shift in order to be loyal to their new user’s wishes, though they still behave in a very similar manner.


  • This Stand is pretty similar to The Zombie... weird. Well, I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Yeah... surely...