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You know what, screw you! You're going to die to a fricking flower! Guns N' Roses!

—David Gardner

David Gardner is an ally originally presented as a minor antagonist featured in The Last Stand.

David Gardner
David Gardner.webp
Namesake Crazy Dave (PVZ Character)
Stand Guns N' Roses
Age 22
Date of Death {{{death}}}
Gender Male
Blood Type AB-
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Favorite Movie Shawn of The Dead
Occupation Crazy
Hobbies Botany


David is a man with an athletic build, short brown hair and facial hair, and green eyes. He most often wears clothes with a sunset color scheme, however he will wear brown and white while gardening. He is rarely, if ever, seen without a metal pasta strainer on his head. He claims that it serves a dual purpose, both protecting his brain from undead and openly displaying his religion. When he is working on his plants, he wears a gold colored bandana which led to some confusion with Roman. He also resembles Jacob Joestar enough that Josephine mistook him for Jacob. After the fight with Pretend We're Dead, he stops wearing his colander and begins wearing an eyepatch over his right eye.


David is a man with many interesting quirks. First and foremost, he always carries around a backpack filled with helpful objects in case of a zombie apocalypse (Baseball bat, Barbed Wire, Pocket Knife, Several Plant Bullets, and a Wooden Flare Gun.) Secondly, he is a somewhat serious pastafarian, and celebrates most occasions with a plate of spaghetti. He is very caring of his plants, and while suspicious of most people, he is very friendly.

When he believes himself to be correct, he will usually not change his mind even in the face of emperical evidence. He can occasionally come off as smug, rude, or arrogant. However, if you can see past those, he is a good person. He is also fiercely loyal to his friends, willing to take live-threatening risks for them.



Main Article: Guns N' Roses

David possesses the gun like stand Guns N' Roses, which allows him to plant deadly flowers using bullets filled with plant seeds.


  • He claims that his phone number is "206-200-9(Uppercase Four)78.