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Darts of Pleasure
English Name Darts of Pleasure
User Franz Kaiser Zeppeli
Namesake Darts of Pleasure - Franz Ferdinand song
Destructive Power E
Speed A
Range A
Durability E
Precision B
Developmental Potential A

Darts of Pleasure (ダーツオブプレザー"dātsu obu purezā") is a stand featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Purely Blue, belonging to one of the main characters of the story, Franz Kaiser Zeppeli. The stand itself is the manifestation of Franz's cunning and deceptive personality, having no human or bound appearance. This stand has no ties to manipulation like most of the narrative's cast, representing the fact that Franz is one of the only 'righteous' characters within both the main and opposing groups.


Darts of Pleasure has no humanoid nor bound appearance, as the power itself resides within the body of its user. Instead, it's main appearance is that of it's air pads. These air pads are very small stickers that can attach themselves onto any surface the user touches, and appear as white circles with a light blue line pattern on its 'top' side. The bottom is only white.


Darts of Pleasure does not have much of a personality of its own, but it does display some aspects of its user's personality. For instance, during battle, its air pads may fire off without instruction, to represent Franz's tendency to speak his mind and act on his intuition.


Darts of Pleasure is able to place tiny air pads on any surface its user touches.

Air Pad Jets

  • When an air pad is placed onto a surface of an object or person, it can activate to pull air in and push it out away from the object it is attached to at a high speed.
  • These jets will push the object away from where the air is blowing out. This can be used to turn small objects like nails and rocks into lethal projectiles.

Air Pad Air Blowing

  • A simpler and less harmful air pad, which just blows air away from an object like a fan.

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