Dark Side of the Moon
Japanese Name ダック・サイド・オブ・ザ・ムーン
User Trixie Lulamoon
Namesake Dark Side of the Moon (Album by Pink Floyd)
Destructive Power E -> A
Speed D -> A
Range C
Durability D -> A
Precision E -> A
Developmental Potential B
Dark Side of the Moon (ダック・サイド・オブ・ザ・ムーン "Dakku Saido obu za Muun") is a Stand belonging to Trixie in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure: Play to Kill, later in the same part, the character comes back with her Stand evolved into Space Oddity.


DSotM has two forms, a real world form and a dream world form


DSotM's true form is an octahedral crystal with a star system inside it, this system has a moon at the center and clouds and tiny stars around it, this form follows basic Stand rules, if the crystal is attacked, the user is harmed as well, however, getting shattered is not fatal to the user.


DSotM's dream form is humanoid, it looks like an astronaut, with a square pack on its back attached to the Stand's neck via a set of tubes, on it's chest is an octahedral crystal strapped around DSotM's body. Its face is visible through the helmet, revealing a noseless pale face with headlight eyes and black hair.



Sleep Inducement: As it is a dream-based Stand, it needs its targets to sleep before it can kill them.


Enhanced Abilities (Strength, Speed, etc.): DSotM is a very powerful Stand when inside a dream, its strength surpasses most, if not all other close-range Stands.

Dream Manipulation: DSotM is able to control the dream its targets are in, connecting the dreams, adding monsters and removing certain parts of the world.