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That beam you're standing on? It's not new at all. It's actually a few decades old.

—Jane Kujo

Cosmic Autumn Rebellion is the stand of Jane Kujo, featured in The Last Stand.

Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
English Name Autumn Galaxy Uprising
User Jane Kujo
Namesake My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (Song by the Flaming Lips)
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range D
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential A


Cosmic Autumn Rebellion is a vaguely humanoid stand. It appears as a liquid mass that looks like a star filled void that is tinted lavender. It constantly has a light breeze blowing around it, with leaves that range from red to orange to yellow around it. It has a bright red light where its left eye would be. Four thin void tendrils extend from it's back. The stars along its chest form a constellation that looks like a clock with the hands pointing to 2 o'clock.


CAR displays no personality whatsoever and it has no facial features. Whenever it punches someone, it will yell "MYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOFALL!" This is a reference to the first two syllables of the song's title (My Co) and the 'fall' at the end of it is a reference to the fact that fall is another was to say autumn.


Temporal Exclusion

Cosmic Autumn Rebellion is completely immune to (Almost) every form of time manipulation. It and Jane can move normally in time skips, time stops, slow motion, and other forms. If time is rewound, it does not prevent it, but it and Jane will retain her memories.

Stand Sense

Whenever a stand user passes within 5 meters of Jane, she gets a mental ping. It does not tell her any details about the stand or it's user, simply that it exists. She can also see the outline of a stand user's soul.

Living on Borrowed Time

By touching something, Cosmic Autumn Rebellion can cause it to age or de-age. This only applies to inanimate objects or, later in the part, plants. When this ability is used, CAR can effectively rewind the object's state in time to an earlier point, or fast forward it to a later point. Once it does either of these things, the opposite temporal energy to the action it store is trapped within it's fists, and it must dispel it within 10 seconds otherwise the first change will be undone. It can dispel it by performing the opposite action. (For instance: Jane ages a beam of wood by fifty years to make it collapse. Within the next ten minutes, she must rewind one or several objects a total of fifty year or else the beam is repaired.) This ability can be applied to bound stands as well as people who have transformed into inanimate objects. This ability is faster when user with direct contact, but can be used up to 10 meters away, and as a defensive maneuver, Jane can rapidly age anything that gets close to her in order to prevent her from being hit by projectiles. In addition, it can manipulate parts of stands that aren't the main body, Ie, it could use LOBT on Sweet Six Shooter's Six Shots to accelerate their cooldown, but not on SSS itself.

A technique Jane has developed involves throwing a projectile and briefly increasing its temporal speed in order to have it hit with the force of a bullet.

Jane several times references an 'Energy System', however it doesn't seem to run out very easily.

Cosmic Autumn Rebellion: Polaris

When this ability is activated, a soft music will being to play as an aurora borealis forms above Cosmic Autumn, to a range of 100 meters. These aurora provide no real light, simply immunating themselves and nothing else. While it is active, any living thing except for Jane under the aurora is bombarded with beams of colorful light which explode on contact with something. This ability can be active for up to a minute, and has a cooldown equal to ten times however long it was active.


  • Cosmic Autumn Rebellion is not Jane's true stand, it was more of a placeholder while Random Access Memories developed.
    • However, once RAM is fully formed, CAR can still be used by Jane.
  • Polaris was orginally going to be called The Electric Light Orchestra