Copperhead Road
Japanese Name カッパーヘッド・ロード
User Ebony Gale
Namesake Copperhead Road (Song by Steve Earle)
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range D
Durability A
Precision C
Developmental Potential D
Copperhead Road (カッパーヘッド・ロード "Kappaaheddo Roodo") is the Stand used by Ebony Gale in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure: Part I.


Copperhead Road is a grey and orange robot, it has yellow headlight eyes, a rounded yellow crown and a pair of speakers on each shoulder, it has a large orange chest piece and it's lower torso is spiked on the sides. It has an orange "skirt" and a mouth-plate.


CHR makes robotic sounding roars, and that's about all it has for a personality.


Enhanced Strength/Speed: Copperhead Road is very strong, it rivals Guns N' Roses strength and speed.

Sound Removal: CHR's main ability is to remove all sound in a 10 meter radius around itself, if the Stand moves, the area moves. However, this effect only lasts for half of a minute.



  • Copperhead Road was originally going to look like the Pokemon Regirock, then the design was changed to a more armored human design and finally it was changed to the current robotic style.