Cherry Bomb
Japanese Name チェリー・ボム
English Name Cherry Bomb
User Peter Nobel
Namesake Cherry Bomb (Song by The Runaways)
Destructive Power B → A
Speed C → B
Range C → C
Durability D → C
Precision C → B
Developmental Potential A → E
Cherry Bomb medium-range stand of Peter Nobel in ReRevolution and during the start of Breaking the Ice.


Cherry Bomb has the form of a humanoid stand roughly 160cm tall with a blue, red and white color scheme and a timer counting until 60 on its face.


Cherry Bomb

The stand is capable of creating and spread gunpowder. The head-timer can mean seconds, minutes or hours depending on the size and amount of gunpowder being produced. When the timer hits "zero", all of it will explode.

Cherry Bomb ACT 2

After some time with these abilities, the stand develop the capacity of creating 'spheres' made out of pure explosion, like a small sun.