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Chemical Romance
Japanese Name ケマッカル・ローマンス
User Caramel Charm
Namesake My Chemical Romance (American hard rock band)
Anime Debut N/A
Seiyuu N/A
Destructive Power D
Speed B
Range B
Durability B
Precision C
Developmental Potential A

Chemical Romance (ケマッカル・ローマンス "Kemakkaru Roomansu") is the Stand used by Caramel Charm in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure


Chemical Romance is a feminine Stand, all of its upper body has a skin-tight bright yellow suit, its legs are bright pink, on its shoulders are large mechanical pieces with smoke stacks at the top, it has big inverted eyes (Black sclera and white pupils) it wears a grey gasmask and a heart necklace. There are many hearts around it's body, on its knees and elbows, on it's stomach, on it's belt and on it's shoulder pieces.


Chemical Romance doesn't speak, but it seems to be completely sentient, it moves freely within it's 50 meter range and acts very childish.


Unlike most humanoid Stands, CR doesn't have above-average strength, this is translated to the fact that Caramel Charm, its user, is anything but a fighter, but that doesn't mean it can't fight, also, it has a large range but works better when it's closer to its user

Love gas: This Stand allows it's user to bring 2 lovers together with a gas generated in it's shoulder pieces.

Healing gas: Chemical Romance can also generate another gas that heals anyone in a certain range.