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English Name Charlie Zepelli
Birth Name Charlie Anthony Zepelli
Alias Caesar (By his friends)
Age 26
Birthday 12 August
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender male
Height 196 cm (6 ft 5 inches)
Weight 190
Blood Type A
Nationality British
Race Caucasian
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Grey

Charlie Zepelli is a British Man living in London, England. He met his best friend, and subsequent student, Dorian Rayner, when he moved to England and met and Ciaran E Speedwagon at school.


Charlie is of above average height, and has blond hair, which he does it in an anime-esque hair, with one side of it covering her eyes. He has dark grey eyes, winch is a very rare eye color that runs through his family. He normally wears an suit, which is because he has a job as an banker


He has a rather optimistic attitude, even in the most dire of situations. He always would find a way to smile through a situation.



Charlie was born Charlie at a Hospital in London. He was born to unnamed parents, who in the end had left him to foster care.

JoJo Bizarre's Adventure Alternate Universe

Will bumped form foster home to foster home until he was eventually taken in by the Zepellis, where his adopted father gave him the middle name of Antonio, the name of his father He grew up a rather happy family. His adopted father was a scholar and when he was 14, he and his father went on an adventure to Mexico. They found out there was a stone mask there. They took it back and when examined, that when put on, they turned into something unnatural. After this, he met Dorian Rayner at school as the new transfer student. He also was friends with Ciaran E Speedwagon, who he knew from childhood.

Abilities and Powers


Charlie is a quite intelligent student, getting good grade without even half trying. He is good at forming complex strategies to defeat his opponent, even though his opponents might be twice his strength


Charlie has the ability to use Hamon, which is the power by using controlled breathing, the user is able to use the power of the Hamon, which is represented by electricity-like sparkles that surround the body, which can be seen by normal people. Charlie was born with the ability to use Hamon, how he got it is unknown. Charlie can use some techniques, like Clacker Volley Balls, which Dorian gave to him when he moved from America to Britain. He is also able to use the bubble attacks that Caesar Zepelli uses in Battle Tendency.


Charlie can also use Spin, which is the ability to use the near infinite rotational energy of things, like Steel Balls, which Charlie uses as energy and to use it to attack. His Spin ability is quite limited, as his ability lies more n Hamon, but he can use Spin to a relatively good extend. He uses Steel Balls, like the Zepellis, which he applies on the Steel Balls.


Charlie can use Hamon and Spin together, when he applies it on water, which actually powers both of their abilities

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