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Carter Smith
English Name Carter Smith
Stand Breaking Through
Age 15
Date of Death November 7th 2012
Cause of Death Gunshot to the head
Gender Male
Race Spanish
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Orange
Affiliation The Gang
Occupation Highschooler
Relatives Unknown
Manga Debut Wild and Wicked - Chapter 4

Carter Smith is the deuteragonist of Rusty Gohun: Wild and Wicked and the tritagonist of Stitching The Universe: Unraveling. He's the single child of two unnamed parents.

He first debuts as a middle schooler going to Claptrow Middle School. He's a popular kid who has made quite a few enemies at school and obtained his stand, Breaking Through, by learning how to defend himself.

He then re-appears in Stitching The Universe: Unraveling as an antagonist, turned into an ally. He still has his stand and his Rage Flow abilities.


Carter always wears ripped blue jeans, and a long-sleeved ripped gray shirt. He wears combat boots and a black beanie with the kanji, "空, (Air)" on the front. He has long brown hair flowing out of the sides and back of the beanie. He's 6'4" and weighs 170lbs. This look mostly stays the same in Stitching The Universe, except Carter's hair has been dyed light blue.


Carter is very kind and joking towards the people that he knows and cares about. He's constantly joking around and pranking his friends. To outsiders, however, he's very rough, rude, and offensive. Everyone perceives him as a massive asshole and is scared of him. In Stitching the Universe, He's revealed to also be a very heavy stoner who is high most of the time. He's very funny and caring.


Stand: Carter's stand, Breaking Through, is an agile and incredibly fast stand with the ability to shoot noble gasses.

Bladed Expert: Carter carries a knife, specifically a Buck General, with him almost all the time and he's incredibly skilled with it.

Martial Artist: Carter is also very skilled with martial arts, specifically kickboxing.