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Bravocat is the long-ranged stand of Master in Underground Runaround.

Japanese Name ブラボキャット (Burabokyatto)
English Name Bravo Vert (localized)
User Master
Namesake The Bravocat album by Pengosolvent
Destructive Power D
Speed C
Range A
Durability C
Precision D
Developmental Potential B



Bravocat is a green humanoid stand with a cat mascot head. It wears a fancy red suit with white velvet gloves. It has a pair of striped forest green trousers. He has retractable claws hidden beneath his gloves.

Bravocat has a vast amount of intelligence, but stays loyal to his master. He speaks with a slow drawl, similar to a butler. He has a cold, professional confidence to him, speaking sternly and grim. He does not have a mental connection with Master, but he communicates with him through a hidden earpiece.


  • Feral Mode

Bravocat can enable a "feral mode" when he chooses. When in "feral mode", Bravocat will act more on instinct than carefully thinking things through. He gains a heightened sense of sight, smell, and hearing. Feral Mode lets Bravocat keep his intelligence, but will act on impulse before any plans he has. "Feral mode" also affects Master as well.

  • Feline Features

Bravocat has numerous features akin to a cat. When Bravocat falls, he will always land on his feet, negating any damage he would have taken. He excels at climbing and stealth, and can even communicate simple ideas to felines.


The art used for this stand belongs to Pengosolvent.

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