Brand Kowalski
Japanese Name ブランドコワルスキー
Romanized Name burando
English Name Brand
Birth Name Ben
Namesake Ben Tennyson

Alexander Kowalski Brand

Stand Bloody Brother
Age 24
Birthday unknown
Zodiac Sign unknown
Chinese Zodiac unknown
Date of Death 1nd February 2020
Gender male
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Blood Type unknown
Nationality Polish
Race Strigalis
Hair Color White and dirty-red
Eye Color Red
Favorite Food Pork chop
Favorite Animal Dog
Favorite Flower asphodel
Affiliation Kowalski family

Joestar family

Relatives Jim Kowalski (twin brother)

Jeff Joestar (a distant relative)

Manga Debut Two souls awaken
Anime Debut Two souls awaken

ブランド (ぶらんど ブランド) is a main protagonist in of Part X: War of death


He is skinny nad unmuscled. Appears with short hair. He's got black jacket and brown T-shirt. His curduroys is black. He also wears white socks and sandals.


He has't got red blood dots on his hair.


His clothes is dirty and bloody. He got's red blood dot's on his hair and a gunshot wounds on his forehead and chest. Already he got's double rows of teeth.


He's thinking like a typical Pole. Every new moon becomes a psychopath and kills everyone in the neighborhood. He is filled with hatred for his killers.



He is a vulgar drunkard, but he's drinking only vodka, cider and beer.


He doesn't know about war. When he came to court, he see 2 soldier's. They shoot him 4 times, wherein once the head.


When he lying on the floor, two eyes has seen in his blood. Then blood come back to his death body and give's double rows of teeth. That he get's a stand. The Poland has begin to fall. He must to emigrate to Japan, but the Japan is invaded too, so he goes to his twin brother, in England.

Abilities and Powers

Main article: Strigalis See also: Blood Brother

Besides his stand power he's got all power of strigalis.



  • He is first protagonist in series from the infamous country.