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You really shouldn't underestimate me. My Stand may be a little unorthodox, but it's the strongest one there i- ooooh! A blue one!

—Roman Kishibe

Blueberry Eyes is the stand of Roman Kishibe. It made a minor appearance in The Duality of Stand, and is prominently featured in The Last Stand.

Blueberry Eyes
English Name Bright Blue Eyes
User Roman Kishibe
Namesake Blueberry Eyes (Song by Alvaro Anton)
Destructive Power B
Speed D
Range E
Durability D
Precision C
Developmental Potential A


Blueberry eyes is a digital type stand, based off of shopping apps. The software is an app with a blue iris logo titled “Blueberry Eyes”. The inside on the stand looks like a typical shopping app with cartoonish images resembling unlocked abilities.

Blueberry Eyes' actual form, seen only when fighting Cyber Waste, is that of a bright blue robot with glowing blue circuit lines.


Blueberry Eyes only shows personality when interacting with it's user through technology or when defending against digital stands. It is also shown to be incredibly jealous of Pretend We're Dead, despite the fact that Roman hardly ever uses it. For some reason, maybe because of its sheer practicality, it isn't jealous of ARV.


Digital Residence

Any device with a screen interface that Roman touches instantly has Blueberry Eyes installed on it in a compatible file format. Blueberry Eyes has full admin access to any device it is installed on, and can even do things such as control Robots or unlock Number Pads. Blueberry Eyes can also fight off viruses or delete other programs it encounters.

Bought A Used Car

Blueberry Eyes' main ability is simple: Roman can buy, using credits, any stand ability that he has taken a picture of within the last 2 days (TDoS) to a week (TLS). It will then be available to buy for between 1 and 10,000 credits in the shop section of Blueberry Eyes. Once a number of charges is bought, then Roman can open the Library section and use them as he pleases. Charges that have already been bought remain until used. When abilities are used, they can be manifested from Roman, the device it is installed on (Such as a Silver Line coming out of the camera), or (During TLS) from Blueberry Eyes: Heart Shaped Hologram. Abilities are sometimes tinted blue, if applicable.

At the beginning of every day, Roman receives 150 credits as well as three free charges of a random ability that he has currently unlocked. Roman can unlock additional credits by completing tasks which are assigned to him by his stand at random. Up to three tasks can be active at once.


Occasionally, the goals that Blueberry Eyes set up for Roman will be directing him towards something that would be beneficial to him, such as when it directed him to seek out Akiso Kigi, or prompted him to activate Heart Shaped Hologram.


  • I really don't know how I came up with this. The song has no lyrics and doesn't really evoke any emotion, but I always see this stand when I listen to it.
  • This was the first stand I ever came up with as well.
  • The ability is named after another Alvaro Anton song.
  • Wow, this stand is kinda similar to The Zombie... definitely just a coincidence, right?