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CrypticWebGr CrypticWebGr 7 November 2021

Weekly Novel Jump

Howdy everyone, my name is CrypticWebGr and I'm the author of Ace Warriors.

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DoppiioFrog DoppiioFrog 13 March 2021

hi lol

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Princess Mew Princess Mew 28 July 2020

Help - Table

Okay I know this sounds stupid, but I was wondering how you make a character table?

Um like this one for example:

If you can help me, um can you? I'm literally am confused on how to make one (without a template that's already made but just needs to be you know copy and pasted like the infobox template)

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NoOriginalNameLOL NoOriginalNameLOL 10 July 2020

My problem with some articles.

Okay, most of the articles are just characters from other series, with unique (or not) abilities. This is my main problem here, even most dumb Sonic OCs are more original than for example; ThotSlayer. Probably one of you will say "I can't draw well", but it isn't an excuse, go practice your drawing skills, then, publish it when you feel it's good. Some will also claim that their "design" is based of [insert character here], but it's a big lie, it's stolen. I'm probably gonna get idiocy like "If you don't like it, leave" or something like that when they'll read that.

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GhostlyPupper GhostlyPupper 10 May 2020

Ruby Righteous

I wanted to talk about a project I've been working on for fun. Basically just a JoJo fanfic but it doesn't have any of the canon characters in it. 

The story is set in an alternate universe, where the thread of fate connecting the Joestar’s, the Brando’s, and the Zeppeli’s seemed to end much sooner than in the original universe. Johnathan succeeds in killing Dio Brando, and the world is saved from his menace. Or so they believed… Part 2 happens, and Joseph successfully defeats the Pillar men. But instead of part 3 occuring, Dio’s spirit waits in the place between Heaven and Hell, waiting for a time to reemerge. Due to being split in half by Johnathan Joestar, however, he is forced to reincarnate as two different people: Alison Wonderbrand, …

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Lizuru90z Lizuru90z 23 February 2020

Boomer's Bizarre Adventure

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Kyledude788 Kyledude788 5 February 2020


Hi, I'm kyledude788. I'm very new here and I got into Jojo's Bizarre Adventures for the past few months.

I'm interested in making my own Jojo series but, I have one big question regarding about it.

Is not having a Stand not a JBA show?

Because in my opinion, Stand is what makes the series became famous ever since Stardust Crusaders.

I'm planning to make a JBA series without Stands and want to make a new power that is similar to Hamon and Spin.

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Lizuru90z Lizuru90z 26 January 2020

JJHF Stands

  • Born In The USA
  • Paint it Black
  • Kung Fu Fighting
  • Thunderstruck
  • The Power of Books
  • Tribal Dance
  • Captain's Jack
  • Cheap Thrills
  • Naughty Girls
  • White Rabbit
  • Out of Space
  • Voodoo People
  • The Ghost Sonata
  • Health Starter
  • No Good Block
  • End of The Road
  • Circles IV Russia
  • The Doll
  • Adeyyo
  • Out of My Head
  • Black or White
  • Rock My Heart
  • Ring Ring Man
  • Sharp Dressed Woman
  • Dernière Danse
  • Dancing Queen
  • Pink Season
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
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Enderdude2002 Enderdude2002 8 January 2020

I RETURN *t-posing noise*


I'm back! I was gone over winter break, cause I had been using my school's computers to edit on Fanon, but now I have a laptop of my own and am not hindered by The Schoooooooool. I'm here. I plan to be active. And I don't plan to leave ANYTIME SOON. SO if you need to talk to me about anything, I'm here and I'll respond.


  • JJBA: AYA - I'm always working on this. It's my first and most developed universe.
  • JJBA: Hanging Gardens - My second universe. I'm going to be working on this more, for reasons.
  • JJBA: MCB - The big collab project with the whole wiki. I'm working on it again and will be adding stuff to it.
  • JJBA: Hanging Gardens {Kerzgesalt} - The sequel to JJBA: Hanging Gardens, Hanging Gardens Kerzgesalt is a series that take…
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JojoFanN JojoFanN 30 November 2019

ideas, ideas and more ideas

so i've been having lots and lots of ideas lately on jojo and stuff. not so much on abilities and stands, but more on different storylines, cross overs, interesting characters, and ways to improve my writing.

just wanted to let that be known i guess

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JojoFanN JojoFanN 29 November 2019

Bloodiest Vendetta sequel!?!?!?!?!?

so i doubt anybody has been following the development of bloodiest vendetta (other than LoneWandererFrom, thanks) but i am going to be doing a sequel after i finish writing the first one!!1!1!! yaYYyaYYyyy! it's gonna be set in africa or something sorta like i discussed in the comments of bloodiest vendetta. 

it's gonna be nicu and it's gonna be set in africa, more races, more groups, more characters, more stands even more broken than monk's mood, (though im not sure that's possible) might have tribes or something but ima figure it out after I finish writing up BLoodiest Vendetta. it's probably gonna be more well made than bloodiest vendetta was because not gonna lie, bloodiest vendetta wasn't that good during development. I gotta include …

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JojoFanN JojoFanN 23 November 2019

Writing Bloodiest Vendetta

should i write bloodiest vendetta here or on like a google doc

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JojoFanN JojoFanN 20 November 2019

Bloodiest Vendetta, my fanmade jojo part

So i've recently been working on new pages of characters and stands, which all are apart of my fanmade jojo part, Bloodiest Vendetta. If you'd like to collab on it, just send me a message, also i need to learn how to make a watermark, so i don't have my crap messed with (i know you guys won't do that to me, this is a relatively friendly community c:)

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JohnzimStories JohnzimStories 29 October 2019

My story on Wattpad

So, I don’t know how this works but, I’m creating a brand new story in the app Wattpad called: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stairway To Heaven and it’s currently sitting at #1 in the bizarre category! If any of you is interested please, download Wattpad, make an account and look me up: LykosDB! Thank you all!

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Enderdude2002 Enderdude2002 4 September 2019


Hey. I'm Ender. I've been on this wiki quite a while now. You would know me as the primary creator of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 'As You Are' and the many things that go with it. However, if you didn't know, I have kind of stagnated. There are only so many Stands you can shove in a universe before its full.

This is where my newest creation comes in. Multiverse Crossover Battle.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Multiverse Crossover Battle, or MCB for short, is an alternate universe where Pucci, with a different Stand in tow, is not defeated by Jolyne and instead is able to kill everyone off. He creates an empty space that is capable of recreating different places and pulls in a group of randomly selected powerful individuals from different universes …

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Senor Hoovy Senor Hoovy 18 July 2019



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Senor Hoovy Senor Hoovy 9 July 2019

page watermark

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Boysmith2003 Boysmith2003 13 April 2019

The Hand Swiped my collabs


Gonna be real here, i'm running on almost nothing rn so i thought i'd do a bulletin.

1. My collab with JefferyAnimates is now fucked.  Back in the day, I used to work with Jeffy boi on Our Bizzare Adventure, a series which took JoJo's concepts and applied them to new stories, characters, etc etc. While some of it was fine, Jeff's latest petty removal of every single Stand i created pissed me off and I left. Jeff, you fucking nutbar.

2. Collab with Zeon has stagnated. Still up tho. Apparently Standpunk is in limbo so lets see how that goes.

3: Discord server? stay tuned on that one. Still working on it

4. Taking Stand requests.

No commissions required, I will create/review any Stand you ask provided it:

  • Has a clearly defined ability, with appr…
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SpectralKyurem SpectralKyurem 17 March 2019

So I'm kinda new here

I didn't really know where to ask questions on this so I decided to make one of these, so this is where we post our fanmade characters and stands right?

Because if so.. oh boy I'm gonna have to change the name on a lot of these, mainly because I went naming them Tarot Card style.

So... I guess I could ask for help for finding song/band names for these stands, based on their names and abilities (including Requiem stands).

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Boysmith2003 Boysmith2003 22 February 2019

Hi, everyone. Me and you, with the World as an audience.

Heyo! Boysmith2003 here! So, y'all may know me from the Yo-Kai Watch Fanon wiki, the EarthBound Fanon wiki, the actual EarthBound wiki, Boku No Hero Academia Fanon Wiki, Fairy Tail fanon wiki, the usual shiznasty.So, here's a quick little bulletin on what's up with me rn, since I don't have time for shit anymore.


The lovely Zeon1 and I have begun a sort of collab. Since he's writing Standpunk Underground, which looks bloody interesting, i've been drafting a few Stands for him, maybe throwing in User names. It'll be up to him to design the personalities though. So, stay tuned. You might be seeing some of my Stands, like Thriller, Maneater Black Candle, Paradise Line,Starry, Starry Night, and maybe a few others, depending on …

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76qaBIXBY 76qaBIXBY 24 November 2018

Lost Relics

Hello, felow Joetards. So, in my fanon mind, i created a story called "Lost Relics". It's supposed to be about Jousei Nojo trying to find his father's relics to the secret of a stand with his detective team. His brother, Odoro, is trying to stop him from doing this. Odoro wants to find it out himself, and use stands for his own needs. But Jousei does not want that. If anyone wants to have a character in this story, just tell me. 

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Princess Mew Princess Mew 19 September 2018

Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone. I'm new here to this wiki site so I hope I can do my stuff okay and maybe some of us can be friends :)

Also I have one Project I'm not as well so I hope when I get it posted you guys like it :)

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1mavstone 1mavstone 5 July 2018

Polls for my Stand OCs

So I was making some ideas for the Stand Names and Design, but I didn't plan the powers because they can be complicated to think of, so I wrote down some ideas that could work for the stands. It is up to you to decide which is the best choice. Thank You.

Polls down here: Imagine Dragon (My Version):

Battle Symphony:


Dead Silence:

Bicycle Race:


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Otakuknight 79 Otakuknight 79 4 August 2017


Okay, so I made a JoJo Discord, you're all welcome to join.

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StarTangelo StarTangelo 26 March 2017


We take The Jojo Fanon Wiki from the corrupt, the rich, the oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity - and we give it back to you, the people. The Jojo Fanon Wiki is yours. None shall interfere, do as you please.

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DamonDraco DamonDraco 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

Yo! Just here to wish y'all a happy new year :D Nameless Knight名も無きん者騎士 (En Garde) 05:10, January 1, 2017 (UTC)

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Lewush Lewush 11 December 2016

What would your『Stand』be?

So this is actually something I'm pretty interested about, and I want your imputs on it all.

Naturally, pretty much all of you know what Stands are, and if you don't then why are you here?

Well I was wondering "What would my Stand be?"

And that got me thinking, and there are basically three different categories I would put my answers in: Stands from canon that would suit my personality, Stands from canon that I would want, and Stands from this fanon wiki that I would want

(PS in case you don't know Stand powers are based on your personality or something)

Thus I concluded that the stand from canon that would suit my personality is definitely Hierophant Green

The Stand from canon that I would want is probably Crazy Diamond (a close runner up was G…

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