Blind Faith
Japanese Name ブラインド・フェイス
User Summer Winwood/Rex
Namesake Blind Faith (English blues rock band)
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range A
Durability A
Precision C
Developmental Potential A
Blind Faith (ブラインド・フェイス "Buraindo Feisu") is the bound Stand of Summer Winwood in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure.


Blind Faith is bound to Summer's pet bird, Rex, it gives the bird large wings, a pair of headlight eyes and a third eye that only opens when using its ability, on it's back is a large upwards streak of feathers that has a blade behind it, it has 3 large tail feathers, it's legs are 2-jointed, have 3-fingered claws and studded ankles. Blind Faith also has hair, similar to that of David Bowie's in the movie labyrinth.


At first, Blind Faith seems to act like a bird of prey, in it's very first appearence, it's eating a mouse it rotted out, but later, it starts talking, taunting its opponent.


Enhanced Intelligence: This Stand severely increases Rex' intelligence, allowing him to speak and learn

Decomposition Manipulation: Anything Blind Faith cuts or spits on can be decomposed at the Stand's will. After becoming a rotten corpse, Blind Faith will usually consume the victim.

Independence: Blind faith does not need its user to keep fighting, it thinks on its own.