Audrey Dior
Japanese Name オードリー・ディオール
English Name Audrey Dio (English "Localization")
Namesake Audrey Hepburn (actress)

Dior (fashion brand) Dio Brando

Stand Roundabout
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 185 cm
Weight 56 kg
Nationality American
Affiliation Mando Corporation
Occupation Heiress
Relatives Andrew Dior (father)
Seiyuu Masumi Asano
Voice Actor Megan Hollingshead

Audrey Dior is the main antagonist of After the End.

The heiress to an influential company, Audrey is a girl of little conscious or free will. She is completely committed to order-and in order to fulfill her goals, she needs the mysterious Mando Stone.


Contrasting with the short stature of Jocelyn, Audrey is of above-average height, but a weak build. She has short, light-colored hair which she often wears in a bun. She has three small freckles that go across her left shoulder blade. After she puts on the necklace with the Mando Stone on it, these dots transform into the Joestar birthmark with 15 freckles surrounding it (marking her as the 15th bearer of the Mando Stone).

More often than not, Audrey is seen wearing a business suit with a pencil skirt, stockings, and high heels. Audrey's casual outfit consists a sleeveless turtleneck shirt, a thin belt, and a sheer skirt with a heart pattern. She wears a single bangle around her left wrist, leggings, and laceless shoes under legwarmers.


Audrey is slavishly devoted to repeating history's events, and she will ruthlessly pursue anyone who she believes is unnecessary. She suppresses her emotions as much as she can, believing them to not be necessary for what she considers her ultimate goal in life-carrying out her father's will. She speaks formally, and refers to everyone as "Mr." or "Mrs.", with the sole exception of Jocelyn. Everything she does, she does for her father, and she believes that nothing in this world has value unless her father says it does. She is devoted to a daily schedule, not letting anything, even life or death, get in the way of her routine.

After she puts on the Mandor Stone's necklace, she becomes noticeably more open. She is obsessed with making sure everything in the new world goes according to the original design, and resents Jocelyn with a burning passion due to her repeatedly tempting fate.



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