Archie Kirk
English Name Archie Kirk
Stand The Ink Spots (RRVL)
Horse Bizet
Age 25
Nationality Mexican
Archie Kirk is one of the main player characters in ReRevolution (Part 1). His stand is The Ink Spots.


Archie is a 25-year old mexican man with a normal build and long, black hair. He wears a poncho, a red jacket and a an orange scarf. His 'Bronze Revolver' scar is on his chest.


Usually, Archie is friendly and only acts in combat when his interference is strictly necessary. As the story progresses he becomes gradually more impatient, and he goes as far as suggesting to just burn Diogo's office when instead of fighting him.



Archie is a mexican ex-criminal and went to the United States in hopes of finding a better, more quiet life, eventually settling in Big Springs, Texas.

ReRevolution (1880)

Archie walks up in the middle of the street with everyone around him dead. His stand appears to him and some while later becomes a part of him. He soon finds Nick Starbuck, and then Markus as their journey starts.

They fight Demarco and find Mariya in Bad City. When they get to Austin, Archie barely interferes in the fight.

After Mayor Diogo's defeat, he went back to the town life and lived a quiet life.