Ain't it Fun
Japanese Name エイント・イット・ファン
Namesake Ain't it Fun (Song by Rocket to the Tombs)
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Range A
Durability B
Precision D
Developmental Potential B
Ain't it Fun (エイント・イット・ファン "Einto itto Fan") is the Stand ofEbony Prose  in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure: War N' Peace , it is the first major enemy Stand in the story.


Ain't it Fun is a small orb devided into 3 sections, the 2 outer sections are grey and contain it's oval headlight eyes, the middle section is orange and contains it's initials at the top and a pyramid shaped vent on the bottom, which looks like a mouth. On it's back are 3 pipes, one for each section, it's from these that steam is generated.


Ain't it Fun may talk, but it's just it's user remotely speaking to it's targets, aside from that, AIF has no personality.


Steam Manipulation: AIF can create and control steam, the main body can only move while it's inside a cloud of steam, if it's pulled out, it's completely defenseless.

Division: AIF's 3 sections can divide to make it easier to attack it's targets.